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I am thrilled to share Paula Schmitt, The All Sports Mom with you. Enjoy!

A Mom Knows She’s A Sports Mom When…

By Paula Schmitt

As a mom there is life B.S. (before sports) and then there is life A.S. (after sports). To be quite honest, I have forgotten what it’s like to be a B.S. Mom as I’ve been a dedicated A.S. Mom for the past fourteen years. I know all too well what it’s like to be a SPORTS MOM.

A mom knows she’s a Sports Mom when…

She finds that her home and the surrounding yard of said home are decorated with every sports ball imaginable;

All of her clothing features the NIKE or REEBOK symbol;

She is off at a sports event 365 days of the year;

She’s on a first name basis with the staff at CHAMPS;

She understands and can explain to others the infield fly rule;

She considers the yearly school sports banquet a good night out;

She does all her holiday gift shopping at DICKS Sporting Goods Shop;

Her kids soccer coach asks her to tone it down a little (PLEASE);

She considers it a treat to have a “sit down meal” at Pizza Hut instead of the drive through at McDonalds;

She understands, can explain and demonstrate to others a reverse, behind the back lay-up;

She walks into her kids’ rooms and she is greeted by life-size posters of the entire L.A. Lakers basketball squad;

Her graduating senior refuses a full scholarship to Harvard because “Mom, their basketball team stinks”;

The high school basketball referees recognize her by voice alone;

She’s on a first name basis with the staff at the emergency room;

She thanks God for her Sports Mom status everyday.

Paula Schmitt, author of Living In A Locker Room: A Mom's Tale Of Survival In A Houseful Of Boys, has been published in hundreds of publications. She has appeared on numerous radio talk shows and in print publications such as American Baby magazine, Adoption Today magazine, Adopting for Tomorrow magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Kids VT Family Newspaper and many others. She is the Founder and CEO of Mom Writer's Productions, LLC, Founder and Editor of The Mom Writer's Literary magazine
(2005) - "A literary magazine for mom writers who have something to say", and Founder and Executive Producer of her radio talk show, Mom Writer's Talk Radio which is to launch this coming fall of 2005.

When she isn't writing, editing, or taxiing her children to their sport events, she prefers to spend quality time in central Vermont with her husband and five children. To read more of her columns visit <
/%22> and for some much needed adult conversation email her at

The All Sports Mom

"Sideline Survival Strategies from an MVP (Mom with Vast Patience)"

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