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- Opening a Day Care Center - 

Is the cost of daycare eating away at your entire paycheck?

Are you struggling to find a daycare that is good enough for your children? Consider Starting a Day Care Center

Starting a Day Care Center Start-Up Guide Kit

The Daycare Dilemma

©1999 Cyndi Beauchemin

As a new mom, with a successful career, I began my search for the "perfect" childcare setting. I knew many women were able to manage career and child and thought that I would have the same experience. After changing daycare providers four times in one year, I was frustrated and guilt ridden. Dealing with the guilt of not being there to watch all those "firsts".............first steps, first words, first discoveries, was hard enough, the search for the best childcare environment was simply overwhelming.

My husband and I agreed we needed to change our current situation, and discussed the possibility of opening a home daycare. We knew that making a career change would mean a change in our lifestyle and our spending habits, what we didn't know… is the positive impact this change would make not only in our family life, but in the lives of other working parents.

The experience I gained as a parent searching for childcare, and my corporate background offered structure and business sense to my new found venture. I was "schedule-bound" and established a daily routine filled with fun and educational activities, nutritious meals, arts and crafts, which appealed to many working parents.

Although my new career provided instant gratification for my family, I was constantly troubled by the increasing number of phone calls I received from working parents searching for quality childcare. I could only care for so many children, and maintained an ever growing waiting list. I knew there had to be a solution, to assist these mother's searching for childcare providers and for those who considered opening a home daycare, but didn't know how to start the process.

Becoming a quality daycare provider is not a complicated task, but it can be time consuming, when you don't know where to begin. Preparing your home, creating a schedule, planning activities, operating the business aspects, creating or locating the appropriate forms, maintaining records and bookkeeping, defining polices and procedures and knowing who to contact and what questions to ask them.

In 1999 I launched the Daycare Hotline to offer my product line to providers, free childcare information for parents, a childcare search and article database for home daycare providers. If you're considering becoming a Daycare Provider, I think you'll find my Daycare Starter Kit System, the most affordable package of information available, not only to assist you in the start up phases, but to guide you through managing the business aspects of your Home Daycare.

If you are serious about opening your own Day Care, we recommend

Starting a Day Care Center Start-Up Guide Kit

Starting a Day Care Center


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