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> Face Painting
> Fundraising
> Garden and landscape maintenance business
> Ghostwriter
> Hobby or Crafts for profit
> Housecleaning business
> Home daycare
> Internet auctions
> Jewelry Making
> Massage therapist
> Medical Transcription
> Mystery shopping jobs
> Natural Mom Business
> Pet-Sitting Business
> Pet Treat Business
> Photography business
> Podcasting / Internet Radio
> Professional organizer
> Real Estate Agent
> Soap-Making
> T-shirts
> Telecommuting
> Transcription (Typing)
> Travel agent from home
> Tutoring Business
> Virtual assistant - become a VA
> Start a website 
> Window cleaning business
> Write a novel
> Write freelance

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Make Money off Your Website

Homemade Cloth Diapers

Help- I'm a Broke Cloth Diaper Wahm!

The good news is, you make beautiful cloth diapers and your baby looks just adorable
in them. The bad news is, you're not making many sales and if things go on like this,
the diaper will be all baby is wearing.

Here's some advice to help you grow your cloth diaper business.

1) Take your cloth diaper business online

If you haven't done so already, start a website and let the world be your customer.
Did you know that hundreds of people each month search online for cloth diapers
and other baby products made by work at home Moms? Moms like quality stuff for their babe, and they also like to support the efforts of work at home Mothers. Why shouldn't they find your
product when they search?

Building a website has never been easier. For around $20 a month you can host a
full featured website complete with shopping cart and built in payment processing
system, message board, newsletter to keep in touch with customers, etc.

2) If you've done that, learn how to market your business with articles

Article marketing is something all successful online business owners do. The idea is to
write articles and at the end, include your bio with your site link.
Add the articles to your site to get you more traffic, then submit them
to free content sites like . Other website owners publish your article. If you think it won't work, ask yourself: What am I reading right now?

What do you write about? Anything that relates to your business. Some ideas:

How to wash cloth diapers
How to sew your own cloth diapers
Why use cloth diapers?
The different cloth diaper systems
Benefits to baby of cloth diapers
Benefits to the environment of cloth diapers
Benefits to the budget of cloth diapers
What native people used for diapers
How to potty train your cloth diapered baby
I could go on....

3) Learn how to optimize your website for search engine traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an awesome way to get totally free (and more importantly)
targeted traffic. Remember the people searching for wahm cloth diapers I spoke of earlier?
You can find out exactly what words they're searching for by using keyword research tools that
are totally free online. One is wordtracker

It's a shame to have talent and not earn any money from it! I hope these tips help you make more
money with your cloth diaper business.

Carrie Lauth is the author of the Natural Mom Business Guide, the essential step by step course to help natural moms learn how to build and market an online business. Get access to the free teleseminar by going here:

Natural Mom Business Guide


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