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Open New Doors With A College Education

More data and research shows that a college education not only increases a graduate’s earning power but also open new doors and opportunities that would not exist before they completed their degree.

But first the important stuff, the money. On average college and universities can make up to double the amount of money in a year and over their working lives than a high school graduate. People with a graduate degree or a doctorate can triple or quadruple a high school graduate earnings.

When it comes to the big money there is no competition. Nine percent of college graduates brought home more than $100,000 a year or more while only one percent of high school graduates reached that income level. The opportunity to earn more money, year over year, and at the highest level is clearly more open to college or university graduates.

It is also easier for a college graduate to get their first job, move up more quickly in their chosen field, and reach the top, than it is for a person with only a high school diploma. College graduates bring specialized training and skills and they are also more likely to have enhanced communication and writing abilities, are able to adjust and multi-task, and have a range of abilities to grow that make them more desirable to employers.

A person who takes the short route to the working world after high school is actually taking a short term gain for long term pain. Even after you add the cost of four years college at an average cost of $10,000.00 to the income you could make in that period you will still be far behind. You may pick up an extra $100,000 in the short term that will cost you and your family a million dollars in the long run.

An investment in a college education will also pay off in opening a lot of other doors. Many people find that the friends they graduate with in college often become part of their network. This network can pass along possible job leads, lucrative investment opportunities, and even social or political connections.

These doors are only open however to those who attend college and complete their degree program. Don’t let these doors slam shut in your face. It is never too late to go back to school and take advantage of the benefits that a college education can provide. Yes, it may hurt a little in the short term, but at the end you will almost certainly be better off.

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