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Noah's Ark Workshop The first ever traveling stuff and fluff animal workshop where you bring the party to the customer. Birthday parties, day care centers, scout troops, fundraisers and more. Ground floor business. Be the first in your state!


 I'm eager to tell you more about Noah's Ark Animal Workshop. Please click on the Noah's Ark image to the left and and that will take you to my Noah's Ark website and give you more information as well.

Annette Yen
#34 - Independent Founding Crew Member, Noah's Ark Workshop

I love Noah's Ark because it really is...

The Perfect Family Business

• I get to work with my kids... No more scrambling to find a babysitter because my hubby cannot get home for me to go out and do an evening home party... Most of my parties are during the day AND the kids come with me and help!

• The business is part of my daughters’ home schooling... They are learning valuable business skills, interacting with people of all ages and having fun at the same time.

• I get paid really well... Average is $70 an hour.. And I am rarely at a party longer than an hour anyway! I can even do three parties in a day if I want.

• Great down line override percentages... Up to 10% on my first level. My company pays me well for helping build their business.

• No minimums... I can take a break whenever I need to for however long I need to and still be a welcome member of the company.

• The sale is made before I even get to the party! No more worrying about whether or not the guests will show, let alone buy. Often I have my check in hand even before I order the product!

• Smiling faces... Imagine 10-20 six-year olds holding a wish star in the air with their eyes squeezed shut making a wish, then putting that wish in the animal they just created with their own hands... Hugging it with all their might... And then hugging you as you are getting ready to leave while they are saying, “this was the best birthday party I have ever been to”. Forget the $$... There is nothing better!

• I get to play for a living!

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Noah's Ark Workshop Business Opportunity Information

How long has Noah's Ark Workshop been in business? Since April 2004

Start Up Costs: Starter kit $129. Mention ShowMomtheMoney for sign up bonuses.

Commission Structure: 35%-45% personal, up to 10% downline overrides.

Minimum orders or quotas: no minimums

Website fees: Free website provided.

Advertising limitations: company produced or approved

Costs of materials: (business cards, fliers, catalogs, etc). request price list... minimal.

Shipping Information: 8% shipping

Consultant Order Processing Options: fax, email or web orders

Recruiting structure: pays 3 levels up to 10% on first level recruits.

Requirements to receive Downline Bonuses: $100-$150 month

The owners of Noah's Ark Animal Workshop have the experience and financial backing to insure it's success. This is a fabulous ground floor opportunity and a chance for you to be the very first representative in your area. The growth is tremendous but much of the country is still untapped. Mention ShowMomtheMoney for sign on bonuses!

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If You Have Questions, Contact Annette (that's me)
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Who Loves Noah's Ark Animal Workshop?

Moms. The perfect birthday party activity. Not only do you arrive with the best party favor ever (a special bear each guest can make, complete with a wishing star)-- you also are the hit of the show!

Brides. Noah's Ark "party in a box" is a great activity to keep little ones busy during the ceremony or rehearsal dinner.

Entertainers. If you're a face painter, clown, or musician, add Noah's Ark Workshop to your offerings, and increase your profits per party.

Daycare providers & Teachers. This is a fantastic second source of income. Tell the parents that you are available for parties and events and you'll have them lined up.

Grandmas. The Noah's Ark Workshop Collector's Club allows grandparents who live far away (or even nearby) to send a new stuffed animal each and every month to their grandkids. How precious. (And, you profit each month they remain a member!)

Scout Troops. Our bears are the perfect activity for a troop meeting (for boys or girls)!

Church Groups. This program can be a fantastic fundraiser for a church or charity organization.

Ready to get started?

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If You Have Questions, Contact Annette (that's me)
Call: 800-498-4316
Central Time (CST) Please

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