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Debt Consolidation Facts

Important Do-It-Yourself Debt Consolidation Facts You Should Know

Before entering into any contract for consolidation of your debts, you should get as many facts as possible. There are many online sources for debt consolidation that will charge fees and interest to help you lower your interest rates. Before you begin working with a debt consolidation firm, make note of a few important self-help debt consolidation facts.

Did you know that it is actually possible to consolidate your debts without the help of large firms?

At your local library or bookstore, there are books and kits to help you consolidate your bills yourself. A suggested book on debt consolidation is Debt Consolidation 101 by Kathleen Marie. Do-it-yourself books and kits provide systematic steps you can follow to write your creditors and collection agencies, explaining your situation thoroughly while asking for leniency. You’ll find all the details pertaining to debt consolidation, debts, debtors, creditors, collection agencies, and attorneys that will help guide you through the debt consolidation process. If you are tired of being harassed by phone calls from creditors, then a do-it-yourself debt consolidation book or kit is what you need.

Many people are afraid to try to consolidate their debts themselves because they fear further harassment by their creditors. However, if you’re currently being harassed by creditors but are making an attempt to negotiate with the company and are trying to make payments, as long as you are putting forth an effort to payoff your bills, then the creditors must leave you alone. In other words, if you've made an effort to repay your debts, but are not capable of paying the full amount, the creditors are legally bound to allow you to repay the debts.

If you have called or written your creditors, putting forth the effort to payoff your debts after negotiation has ended, if those creditors contact you in any way regarding your debt with them, they are illegally stepping out of their bounds and you should contact the proper authorities to make a complaint or file charges against them.

It’s very easy to be lured by the hundreds of online debt consolidation sources available and jump into a bad situation. You may be able to negotiate your own consolidation with your creditors yourself. Do your research and educate yourself on what your options are before signing any contracts. There are books and kits available to help you, and that could save you money in the long run. Also, don’t forget the many online sources that offer free resources and reference information to help you with your debt consolidation research. Take the first step in the right direction towards correcting and repairing your credit today.

Sherry Frewerd publishes ‘How to Consolidate Credit Debt’  where you will find the free debt consolidation and money saving tips you need to make an informed decision about consolidating your credit debt.


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