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What’s a “BHAG”? I’m glad you asked because everybody needs a BHAG (pronounced “BE-hag”). Megan’s Pantry has a BHAG. I personally have a BHAG and you need a BHAG. BHAG has become the business buzzword for success. The thought of your BHAG drives you, motivates you and enables you to take a quantum leap forward with that part of your life!! BUT… What is a BHAG??

A BHAG is a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”. It sounds scary and, truthfully, it is scary to most people but, like anything big and hairy, it tends to grow on you. Once you get to know it, you actually find that you’re attracted to it. Its scariness goes away and it becomes the center of your universe. Some people will make fun of it but you will still love it. Some people will join you in the love for your BHAG. But, whatever the case, once you have a Big Hairy Audacious Goal, you’ll never want to be without one.

A BHAG, if treated correctly, doesn’t just move you forward a little bit. It produces a quantum leap forward. It is not limited by what you think is possible. Instead, it is the seed of great accomplishments. When you plant the BHAG within your brain, your subconscious works on it. The more you think about it, the more you see it, the more it becomes a reality and the more likely you are to accomplish it.

The first time I heard of a BHAG I thought “Yeah, right – who has time for that?” The next time I heard about it, I thought to myself, “I need to do that.” but I didn’t. The third time I heard it mentioned, I started to pay attention and I developed my own BHAG. I introduced the idea to my family and we established a family BHAG.

I also shared the idea with the leaders of our company and, as a result, Megan’s Pantry has two custom designed BHAGs for 2005. One is to have 120 active Consultants by the end of the year. The other is one million dollars in retail sales.

So, can a BHAG become a reality? Absolutely!!! (click here to learn more)

Matthew Cox lives with his wife and eight children in New Mexico where they home school their children while teaching them about business and investments. He is the majority owner of Megan's Pantry. For more information about this unique home based business, go to . To contact Matt directly, you may email him at .

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