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Do You Want Nicole Dean, Respected and Successful Marketer, to Take You By the Hand and Can Get You Laser Focused and Making More Money in Just a Few Weeks
-- On your Schedule?

Are you an Online Business Owner who has a website or blog, but needs to improve it so it's making more money?

Are you someone with a passion and an idea for an ebook or membership site and you just don't know how to get there from here?

Have you reached a plateau and you just need a quick boost?

If you've answered yes to those questions, I've got a few more for you...

Are you the kind of person who learns best from one-on-one interaction but you're too busy to schedule phone coaching? Who knows what could interfere with your scheduled time. The kids could be fighting in the background when you're in the middle of your call. It's hard for a busy marketer to plan in advance. Trust me, I know!

Or perhaps you just don't like to discuss your business in a group setting (in forums) and would prefer a more private way to learn. And, honestly, some of the forums can be pretty cut-throat. YIKES.

I'm Nicole Dean, and I would love to teach you via email. Just you and me. You can ask me one question per day (Monday-Thursday) about your online business and I'll answer back the same day -- possibly within minutes.

Before you sign on the dotted line, let's make sure I'm the right person to help you. I specialize in using content to benefit your online business -- to get you more traffic, to build relationships with  your newsletter subscribers, to grow your affiliate program, and to market your business.

Do you have unanswered questions about these topics?

Finding Articles

  • How and where to find good articles for your website, blog or newsletter (or even your printed publication)

Your First Infoproduct or Membership Site

  • Writing your first eBook -- or marketing it. (I have several successful infoproducts and would love to share my expertise.)

Article Marketing

  • Coming up with Article topics
  • Where to Submit articles for best results
  • What errors you might be making that sabotage your article marketing efforts

PLR articles

  • Where to find the best PLR sources and how to use them effectively

Web Traffic

  • How to increase your web traffic using content, SEO, and affiliates/JV partners.

Jump Starting an Affiliate Program

  • Providing tools, relationship building
  • Recruiting loyal affiliates both actively and passively.

Relationship Building through your Content

  • Helping you to grow your newsletter.
  • Getting a loyal blog readership.

Viral Marketing through Content

  • How to get your business spreading across the internet like a virus.

Outsourcing & Working Less

  • How to let go of pieces of your business, streamline, and take the role of CEO instead of Gopher.

If you'd like help with any of the topics above, then sign up today and I'll brainstorm with you, give you suggestions and guide you to resources to help you. We can talk about whatever you'd like. It's time just for you.

Limited availability --

Four Weeks of email Coaching PLUS One 20 Minute Phone Session
$500/Month $400/Month (for a limited time) -
A Two Month Commitment Minimum is Required.

You Can Continue at this Top Success Level of Coaching As Long as You Need.

"I couldn't have done it without you! And I WOULDN'T have done it without you...all those ideas would still be sitting in my head or dying in the "maybe later" file.

Thanks for taking me step by step through my first real website and my first real ebook! It was great fun working with you and I appreciate all you've done to make them both successful. The website continues to generate income every month and the book is selling - I love it!

Thanks for always being in my court, for pushing me when I needed a swift kick in the you know what, and for just being you!"

Annette Yen

But Why?!

One of the most common questions I've gotten since I launched this site is "But why? If you're successful, why spend time one-on-one for such a low rate?"

My answer is three little words "I enjoy it."

Yes, I enjoy all aspects of my business, but I really love working one-on-one with people. It's fun!

My assistants are handling many parts of my business. I am free to play. And, this is what I enjoy. So, here I am.

Interested? Sign up below.

Four Weeks of email Coaching PLUS One 20 Minute Phone Session
A Two Month Commitment Minimum is Required.

I look forward to working together.

"You have helped me immensely with the coaching you have provided. You have a gift for helping me focus on what direction I want to go with my online businesses. I like knowing that you are available to answer questions and provide guidance, particularly about Search Engine Optimization, and content.

I feel like you really want me to succeed. Among other things, your coaching has helped my sites rank higher in the search engines, and you have helped me decide on content for a new site.

You are so, so thoughtful and I appreciate you looking after me so well, Nik!!!

I love your expert advice (and caring!)"

- Diana Walker,


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What DON'T you specialize in?

Please don't sign up to discuss the following:

  • installation of software or blogs or forums
  • ecommerce (like a candle store) & drop shipping
  • graphic design

I am not an expert in those areas and they frustrate the heck out of me. However, as part of my coaching package,  I'm happy to refer you to the people who I trust to handle those things for me.

Honestly, if you sign up and I don't feel I'm qualified to help you with your particular needs and make an impact in your business, I'll refer you to a friend and I'll refund your money.

Hey Nicole. Do you have an ongoing "Maintenance" kind of coaching?

Yes. Certainly. If You Feel Like You're On a Roll Any Time AFTER the First Two Months,
You Have the Option of Switching to "Grad" Mode, & Will Have the Option of Purchasing ONLY Phone Support on an As-Needed Basis. Link for Grad mode will be provided in Private Sessions.

The Grad program sounds great. Can I just get that?

No. The first few months are essential to giving you immediate and apparent results so I require more contact with you. Also, if you cancel at any time, you'll be required to start over again at the "Top Success" level when you rejoin at a later date.

Here's the official disclaimer. I can't guarantee you'll make money, but I will guarantee to be available to you during the time requested and help as much as I can!

(c) - Nicole Dean, Groovy Slug, LLC