How to Cut Postage Costs

Written by Nicole Dean

Here are a few tips to help you cut the cost of postage cost.

1) When you advertise for your business. Add the line ” For information send SASE.”

2) Advertise that you will do paid mailing. This is one great way to make money and to mail your own advertising campaign.

3) Sell ad space to cover the cost of postage, printing, etc. Make sure you use some of the ad space to place your own ad.

4) Exchange with people that you can trust. This works by you will mail a certain number of their ad campaigns and they will mail your advertising campaign for you.

5) Use Bulk mail. It is time consuming but it saves you money. I do this for my Mom State University Newsletter. I have to sort out my newsletter by zip code and state. You have to mail at least 200 like pieces at one time. If you have over 200 pieces it is worth the money. It saves me at least 35 % on postage.

6) My favorite postage tip is stamps that have not been marked with the date to do machinery error can be reused. Pay attention to the mail you get and start cutting off the stamps you can reuse.

7) Watch mail order publication for dealers who have new stamps to sell at a cheaper price.

I hope this will help you save money on postage. Remember 39 cents at a time will add up!

Chaele McMillan is a Work at Home mom. She runs a consulting company from her home.


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