Insects Preschool Theme Crafts

Written by Nicole Dean

by Aunt B

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Insect and Bug Crafts for Kids

Inside the Bee Hive

Black Paint
Yellow Paper
Metal Egg Holder from Easter Egg Dye Kit
(The part that holds the egg is shaped like a honey comb.)
Paper Plate

Place black paint into a paper plate. Using the Egg Holder from the Easter Egg Kit dip it into the black paint and make marks on the yellow paper with it. This will give you a honey comb look on your paper. Next dip your thumb into the black paint and place a thumb print on your paper to look like bee’s in the bee hive.

Coffee Filter Butterfly Beauty

Coffee Filters
Spray Bottle with water
Washable Markers
Let your child color coffee filters, spray them with the spray bottle. This will make the marker ink bleed into a beautiful wing. Next twist and clip with clothespin, making the butterfly wings. The kids can then color a face and antennas on the clothespin.

Butterfly Feet and Hands

Large White Paper
Any Color Paint

Have your child make ONE foot print on the paper. Next you will have your child make a total of 4 hand prints using the paint. Have them make two on each side of the foot print with the palm of the hand print touching the footprint. Doing this you will have a butterfly with beautiful wings.

Lady Bug Friend

Red Paint
Black Paint

Paint your rock red. Once the red paint has dried, draw a capital T with the black paint down the back of the rock and add black spot like a lady bug.

Fun Spiders

Styrofoam Balls
Black Paint
Black Pipe Cleaners
Googly Eyes

First lay out newspaper to protect your table. Next you will need to paint your Styrofoam Ball black. While drying cut your pipe cleaners in half. Once dry poke the 4 pipe cleaners on one side of the ball and 4 on the other side of the ball. Next take the googly eyes and glue them on to your spider. To make your spider walk you can poke a piece of yarn through the ball and tie a not at the bottom so as the yarn does not come back through the body. This will give you a way to walk your spider.

Recommended Insects Books to Read

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!
by Bob Barner
Nothing fascinates children more than bugs! Vibrant paper collages illustrate spotted ladybugs, butterflies that flutter, and many more. The book includes an actual size buy chart and a “bug-o-meter” which lists the basics about each featured species.

Shaoey And Dot: Bug Meets Bundle
by Mary Beth Chapman and Steven Curtis Chapman
Shaoey & Dot: Bug Meets Bundle is an endearing tale told from the point of view of one little ladybug, Dot, who happens upon a mysterious bundle one sunny day. Dot stays with the little bundle as she is carried to the place where babies come to be found and promises to stay with the little one throughout her journeys toward getting a family.

by David T. Greenberg
This companion volume to the best-selling Slugs and Skunks! takes an irreverent look at another of the world’s most misunderstood creatures-bugs. Accompanied by Lynn Munsinger’s sly, witty illustrations, Bugs! is sure to disgust and entertain both bug lovers and bug haters alike!


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