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Press Releases are one of the best forms of free advertising. Give it a try today! I also encourage you to sign up for the Press Release Tutorial - Take this press release tutorial and learn how to get FREE exposure for your business.

65 Reasons to Send Out a Press Release

by Darlene Deere Bishop

If you've done any reading on the subject, you probaby realize that sending out press releases is one of the most effective, cost-free strategies available for marketing your business. All too often, however, we just can't think of WHY to send a release. We are under the mistaken impression that we simply have no news worthy of sharing.

Here's a list of 65 reasons to write a press release that will help dispel that notion and help you get started TODAY to utilize this outstanding promotional strategy for your business:

A contest you're sponsoring
A contest you've won
A grant you are giving
A grant you have received
A scholarship you're contributing to
A scholarship you're sponsoring
An award or commendation you've received
An award or commendation your company has received
Appearance at national events
Articles written about you
Articles you've written
Awards you are handing out
Business anniversary
Business expansion
Business Open House
Change in business hours
Classes you are teaching
Classes your company is sponsoring
Clients, or customers you have acquired
Company events or programs
Company name change
Company sponsored trip for your employees
Company tours you make available
Contributions you are making to a local charity
Corporate accomplishments
Corporate sponsorships (sports teams, etc.)
Ezine or newsletter you publish
Facilities expansion
Free classes you offer
Free demonstrations you're putting on
Free information available at your website
Free samples you're offering
Fundraiser you're sponsoring
Guest you've invited to speak to your employees
Holiday promotions
Holiday tie-ins
Joint venture with another company
Key employees' retirement
New employees you've hired
New products or services you're offering
New website or online service you're offering
Participate in local events
Patents you have applied for or been awarded
Personal accomplishments
Polls and surveys you've taken

Feeling overwhelmed?

We recommend this Free Press Release Course for You

Press Release Tutorial - Take this press release tutorial and learn how to get FREE exposure for your business.

Publications you have to offer online or in print
Report on a fundraiser you finished
Research you have conducted and the results
Sales promotions
Speaking engagements you have planned
Special events you are participating in
Special events you are promoting
Special meetings you're hosting
The latest book that mentions you
Trade shows you are participating in
Trademarks you have applied for or been awarded
Training seminars you are attending
TV show appearances
Visits by local celebrities
Website anniversary
Workshops you are presenting
Your appointment to a board or committee
Your company's incorporation
Your latest book
Your retirement

While there are many other reasons to write a release, these ideas should help you jumpstart your creativity.

For more information on HOW to write a press release, send a blank email to for "How To Write a Press Release That Editors Will Publish" available by autoresponder.

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Article copyright 2004 by Darlene Deere Bishop. All rights reserved worldwide.

Darlene Deere Bishop is a professional writer, editor and desktop publisher who specializes in working with WAHMs and home-based business owners. Discover how she can help you grow your business on a shoestring through affordable, professional communications at - the newest online resource for WAHMs.

ShowMomTheMoney recommends this Free Press Release Course for You

Press Release Tutorial - Take this press release tutorial and learn how to get FREE exposure for your business.

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