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@ 2005 Darlene Arechederra

Does your newsletter attract your perfect reader? Do your readers email you out of concern if your newsletter is a few minutes late?

Yes, there really are secrets to publishing a fantastic newsletter. Use the following tips to create a newsletter that will find your perfect reader, keep her anticipating your next issue, and have her forwarding your ezine to her dear friends!

1. Write Your Article or Issue To Only One Person

While we'd love to be everything to everyone, it's just not possible. Avoid this, and instead write as if you're talking to just one person. That goes for your ezine greeting or welcome. It goes for the article you write -- as well as your closing comments. You're talking to just *one* very special person.

Why is this so important? Because if you're writing for a *group,* you will lose that personal touch. And it's that personal touch that will keep your reader coming back for more.

Each reader has thousands of ezines to choose from. Give her a reason to visit with you on a regular basis. Let her know that she's the most special person in your world. When you do this, she will want to know you better. As she knows you better, she'll discover that you are trustworthy and honest -- and worthy of her time.

Knowing and trusting you is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with your reader. Let it be you and your ezine that she will be attracted to!

2. Losing Subscribers Can Be A Great Thing

Yes, I know. It's hard to believe, isn't it? But, there are actually some subscribers who simply won't be a good fit for you. Freebie seekers and critics are good examples.

A freebie seeker who only reads in search of a free item (or demands access to your paid product for free) will rarely (if ever) contribute or make a purchase. A critic won't take time to write when you've provided an excellent ezine for her pleasure. But she'll let you know when you've left out a comma -- or if she didn't like something in your ezine (smile.)

Your best subscriber is the one who looks forward to your newsletter. She waits for it to arrive in her mailbox. And if it's a few minutes late -- she sends you a note to see if you're okay! She values what you have to say to her. And she's happy to have something so wonderful to forward on to her friends.

Focus your time and energy on subscribers that are a good fit for your newsletter. This rewards your faithful readers who anxiously await your next issue. It preserves your energy so you can give only your best.

It's okay to let go (gracefully, of course!) of those who aren't a good fit. When someone unsubscribes, that is a really great thing for you in the long run! And, don't be hesitant to unsubscribe someone who has a habit of causing you to feel uncomfortable. (Definitely not a good fit!)

3. Create Content Your Readers Will Love

Find out what your readers really, really want. Then provide it for them. You'll know when you're getting close to your reader's heart because she'll begin to send you her comments on your articles. She may send in her own hints and tips. Your reader will contribute because it's a good fit. Now you're talking *her* language!

Here's something you'll want to know, too. Make sure your heart is in whatever content you're providing. Otherwise, you may lose interest -- and preparing your newsletter can become drudgery.

If you find your special content is not what your audience is looking for, you may be attracting the wrong audience. Write specific articles and hand select a few ezines to send them to. This is a good way to attract those who'll love what you have to offer. A simple ad swap can find your perfect readers for you too.

You may find it works best to write most of your own articles. It gives your reader a chance to know you and develop a relationship with you. Others do well by providing guest articles on a regular basis. Try it both ways if you're not sure which your readers prefer.

So, there you go. Keep the above tips in mind when you sit down to write your next ezine. Try them, and jot down the date you make each small change. See if you don't find your perfect reader -- and find your subscriber list growing in the process. Don't be surprised when you begin to receive energizing emails from your dear readers!

Darlene Arechederra is the creator of the Stay-at-Home Bootcamp -- a fun, interactive program for women who long to return home to their little ones. She invites you to take her FREE Quiz at  Join her free, money-saving ezine at

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