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Online Parties

Online parties are a great way to supplement a home party or introduce new people to your business.

What is an Online Party?

Direct Sales Online Party - When you are planning your direct sales online party, you need to make sure you use your time to the fullest during the party to attract more sales. You will have the potential there at the party so implement the following tips to convert more sales.

Online Games

These games can be modified for your online party -

Home Party Games - While you are planning your direct sales party, remember to keep it fun so the guest's attention will not start to wonder other places. Here are 5 fun home party games that will put jive into your party plan.

Online Party & Chat Rooms

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As with anything else online the rules are the same:

  1. Be kind.
  2. Be safe.
  3. Be smart.
  4. Have fun!

ShowMomTheMoney will not be held responsible for any transactions in these rooms.


Online Parties – The latest trend in direct sales

Online “Home” Parties have become the latest trend in direct sales. Simply put, an online party is structured like an actual direct sales home party, but thrown in the privacy of your own home, over the internet. Online Parties are hosted in chat rooms, which gives you much more flexibility on who can be invited, and attend.

Here are some basic ideas to make your online party a success:

1. Find a site that offers free online party chat rooms – Doing a little Google search should give you a few different options to choose from.

2. Email out personal invitations to friends – There are quite a few sites that offer this service for free. Check out

3. Post your online party date on a few of your favorite message boards – You never know who might want to attend.

4. Consider your guests time zones and schedule accordingly. You will want to find a time that could accommodate everyone from the east and west coasts.

5. Make sure to mention that there will be a prize or drawing for those that attend.

6. Give incentives - Offer a discount on products or shipping when ordering during the party.

7. Come up with a clever game that can be played online – Scavenger hunt (give questions, let guests find answers online)

8. Make sure to introduce yourself and your company. Briefly tell about your products. Let everyone know of benefits, etc.

9. Have question and answer time for your guests – Find out what they want to know about your company and products.

10. HAVE FUN!!

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