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Social Circles

The Meadow

The wagon train circled in the open meadow beside the Pecos River in a canyon twenty miles east of Santa Fe. One more day of travel and the merchants would be able to sell their wares and the families would start their new lives in the west But, for today, they would enjoy the canyon and the river. Children would play, adults would speculate about their new homes and businessmen would toast their successful journey.

That was how I envisioned the setting as I looked at the vacant meadow. Sheri and I listened as our host explained the history of the 160 acres owned by him and his siblings. They had recently extended an open invitation for us to visit and enjoy the beauty of the area and this was our first opportunity to accept their invitation.

I felt a powerful pull of history and drama as I experienced the weekend. Besides travelers on the Santa Fe trail, recent Presidents and well-known celebrities had been guests on this property. My peaceful weekend with my family led to my personal discovery of this hidden meadow and thrust me into a new social world.

The Build-Up of Little Things

I found myself asking “How did I get to this new world occupied by world leaders, celebrities and heroes?” The series of events that brought us to our weekend retreat was seemingly random and insignificant. A chance meeting of a customer followed by an invitation to a business meeting resulted in the sharing of stories over dinner that led to a friendship where we discovered that we had many things in common. Each event was unremarkable on its own but the series of events, taken as a whole, brought new opportunities for me, my family and the business we represent.

Quantum Leap

A chapter in the book I brought along with me for the weekend provided some insight. It discussed “quantum leaps.” A quantum leap is what happens when an orbiting electron jumps from one orbit to another. One instant, it is at one point and the next instant, it is somewhere else. It doesn’t move through the space in between. Scientists say it is difficult to predict when a quantum leap will take place but it always requires a series of events to make it happen. The difficulty is that it is almost impossible to identify which series of events will produce the leap.

I realized that we had just made a quantum leap in our social circles and I was struck by how unpredictable it had been. I didn’t see it coming. I didn’t have any idea it was close to me. It just happened without any rhyme or reason. However, if we hadn’t been actively working our business, it would not have happened. One instant, we were in one social circle and the next instant, we were in another social circle. We didn’t move through the circles in between.

Business Insight

If you could cause your business to take a quantum leap forward, would you? For example, if you could go from Consultant to Team Supervisor or higher, would you? Remember, business growth is not logical. You may not see any growth in your business today but that doesn’t mean what you did today was not important. If you are active in your business every day, you will build up towards a quantum leap in your business. My weekend experience confirmed to me that although I may not control the exact moment when the quantum leap takes place but I can control IF it takes place.

A seemingly insignificant event like talking to a customer produces a lead for a $10,000 fundraiser. A random occurrence like attending a networking meeting introduces you to someone who joins your team and becomes the company’s top Consultant. You may have talked to hundreds of customers and attended dozens of networking meetings but the one that produces the quantum leap takes you further in a day that you went in the previous three years.

Matthew Cox lives with his wife and eight children in New Mexico where they home school their children while teaching them about business and investments. He is the majority owner of Megan's Pantry. For more information about this unique home based business, go to . To contact Matt directly, you may email him at .

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