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The Little Things

I was getting ready to leave the office Tuesday afternoon yesterday when I received a phone call. Our web team told me that they had solved the problem. Customers could now order on the internet!! I experienced joy unspeakable. Had it really been more than three weeks since we had been able to fully use the website?

It all started innocently enough. We noticed the website was down on Monday morning June 26. We immediately checked our other businessís web site on the same server and discovered it was down too. We called our web team and asked them to check it out. I figured the server just needed to be rebooted. But the problem needed more than a reboot.

Our web teamís response was quick and relentless. Part of the team worked in the United States while the other part worked from Taiwan where they were on a business and pleasure trip. They literally worked around the clock like a relay team, updating each other as the earth rotated on its axis! They discovered the cause of the problem was a virus that had somehow slipped past two levels of virus protection and hit the serverís hosting software. The only solution was to move the website to another server. The site was officially moved Thursday afternoon, June 29. It had only taken three days. I was relieved.

Of course, we all know by now that it wasnít that simple. There were numerous path problems. It took another week or so to repair them and then, we ran into the problem with the Customer Shopping Cart that lasted for two weeks.

When the web team called me with the good news, I asked what had caused the problem with the Customer Shopping Cart. They sheepishly explained that our two week problem was caused by the smallest piece of data in the web code. It was a misplaced period, a dot, in mathematical terms Ė it was a decimal point!! One that should have been there was not. They had searched and searched and finally found the missing little speck. Once it was property placed, VIOLA, the website worked.

It is amazing how the little details are important Ė especially in business. I quickly reviewed my daily activities to see which details Iím missing. What could I do to create more customers, increase my sales or improve the way I handle my business?

I encourage you to take a look at your business to see if youíre missing any details. Is there something you can do to make it better, more efficient or more productive?

As always, I am available to answer your questions. Feel free to use the contact info below.

Matthew Cox lives with his wife and eight children in New Mexico where they home school their children while teaching them about business and investments. He is the majority owner of Megan's Pantry. For more information about this unique home based business, go to . To contact Matt directly, you may email him at .

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