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Choosing Advertising

Article Marketing Courses

Article Submitting Software & Automation
These tools will help you succeed in your article promotion efforts.

Audio Tools
Want to add voice on your website? Or start your own online radio show?

Business Coaches
How to Choose a Business Coach

Logo Merchandise
Notepads and tee-shirts with your name on them.

Mastermind Groups
Where to get coaching from successful business people.

Newsletter Products
Which tools do you really need?

Pay Per Click
What is Google AdSense & Chitka and how can they make you money?

PLR Reviews
Articles you Can Edit and Use on your websites.

Shopping Cart Reviews
When you want to set up an online store and affiliate program, who can you trust?

Web Templates & Word Press Templates
When you want your website to look good, but don't have a lot of money or experience.

Web-Hosting Reviews
In a world of bad hosting experiences, who should you trust?

XSitePro Web Site Builder
Is this total content management system right for you?

Pay Per Click Program Reviews

These programs will put advertising on your site. Whenever a site visitor clicks on an ad, you'll make money. Pay per click advertising definitely adds up. Try it today.

Google AdSense

What is it?
AdSense is a pay per click program with text links.


Free to join
 Easy to use
 It's by Google


Sometimes you won't get ads on your pages if your content is not specific enough. But, you can put in alternate ads so the space on your site is always being monetized.

Sign up here:

Where do I find more information?
Google Adsense Tips, Articles and Advice

And, if you decide you want to make the big bucks with AdSense, then be sure to check out AdSense Secrets. I own it and it has paid for itself many times over.

Chitika eMiniMalls

What is it?
eMiniMalls are a pay per click advertisement with a storefront or mall look. Itís similar to Google AdSense, but it shows individual products with images.


Free to join
 Easy to use
 Can use it WITH adsense
 They have an Affiliate Program to make even more money


The ads that are being served have not ironed out all the bugs yet. And, the income being produced with Chitika has not, in my experience, been as high as AdSense.

Where do I find more information?
Free Copy of my Notes on this Program

Sign up here:
Join eMiniMalls

Lead Hound -

click here to join

This affiliate program has some pay per click programs. It seems ok, and I'd recommend checking it out, but it isn't my first choice in pay per click.

General Guidelines

Just make sure you read the Terms of Service on any program very thoroughly, and never never click on your own ads or ask anyone else to, as it is theft and you will be kicked out. So, follow the rules and this is a GREAT way to make money!


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