Two HOT Secrets for Direct Sales Consultants

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Direct sales can be a tough industry. You, of course, want to make as much money as possible. The problem is – so does everyone else.

To be successful you have to work smarter than your competitors. If you use these two direct sales secrets, you’ll be far more successful than most of your competition.

Your first task is to Brand Yourself. Let’s use McDonalds as an example. Anybody can sell hamburgers. Service and quality will vary depending on where you buy a burger.

However, if you walk into a McDonalds store anywhere in the world, you know what quality of food and service to expect. Why? Because McDonalds has spent a great deal of time and money creating their Brand. Everyone is familiar with the yellow logo because of their comprehensive marketing strategy.

Branding yourself isn’t hard. Think of the best qualities you believe people should have. Successful people usually share similar traits. They are:

• honest
• happy
• positive
• reliable
• organized
• busy
• successful
• motivated
• focused
• knowledgeable
• a good leader
• inspirational
• etc.

Generally, people don’t buy products just for the sake of it. They make a purchase because they have confidence in the person selling to them.

Picture twin brothers. Bill is dressed in torn jeans, a ripped T-shirt with stains, and has bare feet. Bob is dressed in a pair of neatly pressed trousers, an wrinkle-free business shirt, socks and black leather shoes.

They’re selling the same product at the same price. Who would you buy from?

That’s what branding is all about. Showing people what standard of goods and services they’ll get from you.

The second hot tip is to forget about making money. Read that sentence again. It’s not a mistake. Nobody cares how much money you make. Except you.

Your customers want to know one important thing. What’s in it for me? Commonly known as WIIFM.

Let’s use Tupperware as an example. Most people are familiar with the overall concept of having various containers of differing sizes and shapes in which to store and serve food, in particular.

Your customer wants to know what a particular container will do to make life easier for her. That’s why product knowledge is vital. You need to have answers if you want to make sales.

We’ll use Bill as our example again. He created his brand and now wants to learn the second secret. We were born with two ears and one mouth for a reason. It’s so we can listen twice as much as we speak.

Bill hosts a open house in his home one evening and demonstrates a variety of Tupperware products. Apart from talking, he’s also listening to questions directed at him and comments made among his guests. He observes which products seem to be the most popular.

Then Bill uses his new skill. He learns Mary needs some new containers since her family has grown.

Bill shows Mary the set of six containers that she had been eyeing during the presentation. The ones that caused her to light up when she saw that most of them would fit inside the others in the set saving space.

The sale has already been made, Mary just doesn’t realize it yet. Bill shows her the instruction book and the features list, which includes the fact that these containers are microwave-safe, childproof and airtight. Mary places her order.

Bill made this sale because he listened and watched. Mary made the decision herself and Bill simply offered a little more information to seal the deal.

Somebody very wise once wrote – If you help enough other people get what they want, you can have anything you want. That’s never more true than in direct sales. That’s a pretty hot secret of its own, don’t you think?

Smart Ways to Attract More Direct Sales Customers

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Direct sales can a challenging way to work, but the rewards along with flexibility in terms of marketing strategies and advertising techniques makes it worthwhile hands down. Before the Internet, marketing any form of direct sales product was strictly limited to people you could contact within your local area. Today, the potential market is practically unlimited.

If you haven’t already signed up with a direct sales company, look for a solid company with a good product line to sell. Ideally, items that are used every day work best. Luxury items are harder to sell, especially with the economy the way it is, though it can still be done.

But once you know what you plan to sell, let’s examine some offline methods for attracting more customers:

Your first source of customers is friends and family. Contact them and tell them what you’re doing. Invite them to a demonstration in your home one evening where they can see the products live. Ask for referrals of people they know who can use what you sell.

Put notices up at work, in local libraries, shops, schools, community centers and anywhere else you can think of. Ask friends and family to help you by doing the same. That way you’re broadening your potential market base.

Do a mailing in your local neighborhood if you can afford it and invite your neighbors to an open house. Also offer a catalogue so they can see the products and place an order if they’re too busy to attend.

Hand out business cards to everyone you meet. You never know when you may come across a potential customer. Place a small ad in local newspapers. That’s a great way to target a lot of people with very little effort. The more you advertise, the better your business will be.

There are lots of online methods, too. The first thing is create your own website. If you can’t do this yourself, find someone who’ll do it for you. An online presence is vital to your business success and will increase your credibility with potential customers.

You have to brand yourself before you can ever hope to brand a product. People are more likely to become customers if they see that you’re a reputable person. A professional designed website also shows you’re a genuine business owner and gives visitors a better understanding of who you are.

Place classified ads on various Websites. Make sure that any online ad you place has a direct link back to your website. Have a catalogue on your site so people can see what you have to offer. Any emails you send out, whether they’re to friends or strangers, should have a link to your site.

Find local Websites and newsletters online. Subscribe and place your ads there. Lots of people choose to receive electronic information, so if you cover your online and offline bases, you stand a far greater chance of increasing customer awareness of what you’re doing. This will inevitably lead to more sales.

Use social networks like Twitter and Facebook to expand your business. It’s very easy to let lots of people know what you’re doing through these huge social media sites. The great thing is that these methods don’t actually take much time or money to implement.

Join online forums related to your product line. The majority of your customers will be women, so find forums where women congregate and make new friends.

A big part of direct sales is offering others the same opportunity to make money that you were offered. Always be on the lookout for people who want the chance to earn money and work at home. Helping others succeed will also benefit you in the long run.

These are just some of the ways you can attract more customers for your direct sales business. Everyone develops their own techniques over time. Keep working at it and your business will continue to flourish and grow.

How to Properly Distribute Direct Sales Samples

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The importance of using samples to promote your direct sales business can’t be exaggerated. Having samples on hand that you can offer to potential customers, new prospects and recruits, and just about anyone who will take one can be a great way to entice customers into buying that product. And even if they don’t buy that product, it might make them interested enough to look into other products that you sell.

But what many direct sales consultants don’t realize is that handing out samples can actually hurt your business instead of helping it if it’s not done properly. Here are some tips on how to properly distribute samples, so you get the business you want.

The most important thing to remember when distributing samples is to do it professionally Simply tossing a product in a small sandwich bag and giving it to a customer will certainly send a message, but not the right one. Packaging samples this way will only tell customers that you haven’t put any real thought into the samples you’re handing out.

Your motives will also be transparent. Customers will know when they receive your poorly wrapped package that you’re only looking for a sale and you really aren’t interested in giving them a product that will genuinely help them. They may still use the sample product, but they most likely won’t call you to order a full size of the same–even if they decide to buy it.

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend all your profit on fancy, expensive sample packaging. A roll of inexpensive cellophane wrap and some ribbons will give you everything you need to professionally distribute samples.

Many direct sales companies have samples of their products that their representatives can purchase to hand out. If the company you’re selling for doesn’t offer this option, or you’re running your own company, choose a larger product such as a gift basket that’s stuffed with smaller items. Open up the basket and repackage the smaller items into smaller, individual items. This will cost you a small investment, of course, but the orders that come in because of your efforts will more than make up for it.

Another important item to remember is to act fast. Whether you’ve just met someone and want to give them a sample, or whether a customer has specifically asked you for one, send it to her as soon as possible. Having a customer wait a month to receive a sample of your product will cost impact.

Your prospect may not remember meeting you after that long a time, and she may wonder why you’re sending her a sample. Or she may be so discouraged that you took so long to get the sample out to her that she’s no longer confident buying from you. Any time you want to send someone a sample, do it as soon as possible while it’s still fresh in your mind–and theirs!

Everyone loves getting something free. And offering free samples is a great way to give your customers just that. You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money on samples or even give them out to every customer or prospect you meet. But when customers know that you’re willing to hand out freebies, they will certainly become more interested in your product. And when they’re in the market for a certain product, you’ll be the first one they call.

5 Tips to Increase Direct Marketing Sales

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With the holiday season upon us we can practically feel the excitement in the air. While many individuals are focusing on Thanksgiving, some have already put up Christmas decorations. Direct sales reps are pouring over catalogs and booking parties and events. Organizing a business plan for the holidays can be a difficult task. A few tips are in order to increase sales this season.


While this may seem natural and common it is often overlooked, especially as the season progresses. Things get busy, orders get misplaced, are late or don’t arrive at all. Through every situation the direct marketing sales reps must maintain their composure. The simplest way to do this is with a smile. A smile transcends almost every misunderstanding and sets the stage for goodwill. Don’t forget that a happy demeanor is for all occasions, not just mishaps. Smile as you answer the phone, type out an email, write a note or chat on an instant messenger. Customers will feel the glow through the communication and respond accordingly, with appreciation and more orders.

Promote Product Benefits

Customers can see the product, maybe even smell or taste it, so they know what it is. However, they may not realize the full benefits it holds for them. Reps must tell their clients how the product will make them feel, how it will affect their minds and bodies, how it will lessen their stress or increase their productivity. As humans we want to know what is in it for us. If we make a purchase we don’t just want to possess one more item; we want that product to transform a part of our lives.

Know The Products

Direct sales reps must know their products. If products are presented without knowledge, the customers can tell. Why should they buy a product they know nothing about when their rep doesn’t even have firsthand experience with it. Products that are similar are simple to handle. Comparisons can be made and little differences noted. Hopefully the differences are better features which will encourage clients to try new products and give referrals to their friends. When products are completely new to the line it is advisable to obtain at least a trial size to sample. Many companies have monthly packets loaded with the latest items or seasonal favorites at discount rates. They understand the need for their reps to be prepared for questions from customers and also fill the need for samples.


Everyone likes something for nothing and samples are a wonderful way to spread a little joy while increasing customer base and sales. Samples are nice surprises for returning clients and prompt purchases of new items. They should be included in the delivery package of every order along with any available catalogs or sales flyers, and a short personal note. These nifty people pleasers should be readily available at parties and other sales functions where products are displayed. Many companies have samples available to their reps at minimal pricing. However, when samples are not available for a particular item it is wise to purchase at least one full size product and use it as a sample in presentations.


Most companies offer a money back guarantee, and direct marketing sales reps will want to take full advantage of this by educating their clients on the company policies for returns and refunds. If a company guarantee is not in place the reps can increase sales by offering their own guarantees. These can be as simple or complex as necessary depending upon the type of product offered. For rep created guarantees, or for companies who don’t require the rep to return the items to the company, there are a myriad of uses for returned merchandise. Full size items make the best display samples. Customers get to see exactly how large the actual item will be and visual types will be compelled to make a purchase.

As direct marketing sales reps march out to meet the challenge of increased sales this season, they should be well supplied and knowledgeable. Samples, catalogs and flyers will do their part, while knowledge of products and benefits assist customers in positive decision making when placing orders. Above all reps should spread the cheer that belongs to the season.

Creative Ways to Generate More Direct Sales

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Obviously, generating sales is the heart of any direct sales business. Without selling product you may as well give up and go wrap presents at Sears. But finding new and innovative ways to gain new sales can be challenging. Here are some ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing and start finding added product sales.

Start a fixed term membership site for your target audience. Jimmy D. Brown is the creator and expert on fixed term membership sites. Read his articles, visit his Websites and learn all you can from the master.

The idea is to create a membership site where you periodically send out messages via autoresponder to your subscribers offering them valuable information that they can’t get anywhere else–for which they pay.

This technique is often used by Internet marketers, but can easily be adapted to provide information for any target audience or niche market. Think about what you could offer, then get busy creating some great content to build your product sales.

Start a monthly auto-ship program. Have customers sign up to automatically receive a new product each month without the hassle of manual reordering. If you sell candles, you can offer a different scent each time. If you sell scrapbooking supplies, you can create a new page kit each month. If your company already provides a monthly product, that’s great. If not, create your own so you don’t miss out on this profitable sales strategy.

Offer free classes for people who purchase your products. Whatever you sell, you can probably come up with some kind of class that will tie in with your products. Home decor items–try home decorating classes. Kitchen products–opt for cooking classes. Books–host a monthly book reading club. Whatever you sell, put some thought into creating a free class and you’re almost guaranteed to sell more product to those who want to attend

Create a Frequent Shopper Card. Use a business card template and print cards with your company name and information along with a row of dollar amounts. For instance, list $10 about 10 times at the bottom of the card. Every time the customer spends that amount, you punch or initial the card. When all the amounts are marked off your customer earns a free gift.

Sell gift certificates. Create a simple three-to-a-page certificate that has a place for the recipients name, the gift amount, an expiration date, and your signature. You can offer set amounts such as $10, $25 or $50, or offer any amount a buyer wants. The buyer pays you for the certificate, then gives it to whoever they choose. The bearer orders from you and–possibly–orders more than the certificate is worth. Can’t beat a deal like that!

Offer layaway. By allowing a customer to pay a deposit and then make weekly payments, you can let her pay for products “on time” without having to come up with all the money at once. You’ll need to be sure the product she orders will be available when she finishes paying for it. You may want to go ahead and order it to have it on hand, as long as you can return it should she fail to pay it off.

You’ll also want to have her sign a simple Layaway Agreement stating that she is agreeing to buy the product and what will happen if she cancels. Some companies that offer layaway charge a cancellation fee, the choice is yours.

Let your customers know you appreciate them. Send them thank you cards, birthday cards, get well cards, or just thinking of you cards. Keep in touch with them and let them know you value their business. They’ll reward you by being loyal customers and continuing to shop with you.

There are any number of ways to sell more products and create added income for your direct sales business. Start looking at options today to increase your income.

Blogging for Direct Sales Success

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If you think that blogging is strictly for “regular” businesses, or only to share personal posts, you may be missing out on a tremendous method for building your direct sales business online! Blogging is a tremendous resource for direct sales consultants.

Having your own blog allows you to share information and resources to keep your customers and prospects informed of what’s going on in your business. And it keeps your name in front of your customers and prospects, so that when they need what you sell, they’ll call you instead of your competition! Blogging also helps your customers and prospects come to see you as an “expert” in your field. You become their “go-to person” when they need the type information you blog about.

For instance, if you sell beauty products, you can offer beauty tips and ideas for using your products in addition to all the other business-related information you provide.

If you sell candles, you can share tips on decorating with candles, caring for candles and choosing pleasing scents.

If you sell kitchen products, recipes, cooking tips and similar information are natural topic choices and will help to build your direct sales business.

Blogging allows you to keep in touch–at no cost but a little time–with the people you serve and hope to reach. And you can start a blog with little or no knowledge other than how to write coherent sentences.

You can get started right away and be blogging with an hour. Just sign up for a free blog online. is a good place to start, though there are many others. Simply follow the instructions to create an online account and set up your blog. You’ll need to decide on a name, select a free template, and enter a few options, but it’s very simple to do. Once the set-up is complete, you’re ready for your first post!

For the greatest blogging success, plan a weekly schedule for your blog with a goal to post at least three times a week. You can post more often, or less, but three times a week (about every other day), works well for most people.

As to what you’ll post, consider these possibilities:
• Articles and information related to your business
• Hostess specials & benefits
• Hostess coaching
• Sales and coupons
• Free gifts
• Contests and drawings
• Successful party recaps
• New and discontinued product information
• Press releases about your company
• Recruiting helps
• Team building tips
• Anything else you can think of!

If you’re like many direct sales reps who have only a corporate website that doesn’t allow changes, a blog gives you the opportunity to share customized ideas and information with your target audience. Doing so will set you apart from similar consultants and show your customers and prospects how much you care about them.

Search for direct sales blogs online and you’ll find that the good ones always offer something different and unique for their readers, and they go out of their way to provide information their readers want and will use.

Create a blog for your direct sales company and offer your customers and prospects something they can’t find anywhere else, and you’re sure to be the one they turn to for the products you sell. Remember… if you want to stand out, be Outstanding! Blogging is a great tool to help you do that.

What’s a Filler, Anyway?

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Hanging around work-at-home-mom (WAHM) websites or forums, you’ve probably heard the term “filler” mentioned more than once, and may have been unsure of what it really means. Let’s talk about fillers for a bit since becoming familiar with this little goodie will help you build your direct sales business on a shoestring!

And goodie is just what it is.

You know all those goodie bags you get at parties, seminars and events? And inside are all those little coupons, business cards, pens and pencils and such? Well, all those little items are called fillers because they fill the bag. (See, you were familiar with them… even if you didn’t know what they were called!)

Fillers are anything that are used to fill a goodie bag that will be distributed to others. And fillers for your direct sales business will be used to promote your products, business opportunity, sales or website.

So, what kind of things make good fillers? Some ideas include:

• Coupons
• Half or quarter-page fliers
• Keychains
• Pens or pencils
• Mintbooks (like matchbooks that you make and staple a mint inside)
• Business cards (plain or with something attached)
• Small samples

Once you decide on what kind of filler you’ll use, you need to decide how you will actually create your filler.

If you plan to use business promotional items such as keychains, you’ll need to have them printed by someone who offers that service. Keep in mind that even if you get them made cheaply, costs will add up on these items as you can distribute a lot of fillers in a very short time.

As for coupons, fliers, mintbooks, bookmarks and similar items, you can create and print them yourself or hire someone to do it for you. These are much more common fillers since they cost less to produce and can be distributed in greater volume.

You can use Microsoft Word or Publisher to easily create your own fillers. Just be sure to include complete contact information, including your website address, email address, phone, etc. Also include the discount amount and discount code, if you’re designing a coupon.

For bookmarks or mintbooks, it’s best to print them on cardstock so they’ll be more sturdy. And include a simple graphic or your company logo for visual interest. Several items will fit on one page and save printing costs, as will using minimal (if any) color when you print. Don’t feel full color is mandatory. Black and white designs can be striking and eye-catching.

Remember, this is your business. If you choose to make your own fillers, be sure they are nicely designed, error-free, printed cleanly, and cut neatly.. Professionalism matters.

Once your filler design is complete, print or copy a bunch of them, cut (with a paper cutter for neat edges!) and separate in stacks of 25-50 if you plan to share them with others to put in their goodie bags.

There are two primary ways to distribute the fillers – either in your own goodie bags or by giving them to others to use in their bags. You can do one or both.

If you make your own bags, you’ll need a bag (zipper bags will work, but you can get cellophane bags with resealable edges much cheaper). Select the size bag you think you can easily fill. You’ll also want a label to apply to the front of each bag with your company name and information and the purpose of the bag. For instance: “Enjoy this Goodie Bag provided to you by Nicole Dean of!”

You’ll also need your own fillers and fillers from other businesses. Place a simple post on online direct sales and WAHM forums that you’re accepting fillers. People will contact you and you can make arrangements for them to send you their fillers.

Be sure to specify the size, quantity, and other stipulations of the fillers you can use. Tell them what companies you won’t take (those you represent) so you won’t have competition. After all, it’s your bag… Use it to promote your own business first!

Direct Sellers who make use of filler advertising recognize what a great promotional opportunity it is, so you shouldn’t have trouble getting several items to fill your bags. If you find you’re receiving too many business cards, post again and ask for coupons or more substantial fillers if you desire.

Once you have all the items in hand, simply fill your bags with one from each company. Put your own filler on top so it will be seen first when the bags are opened. Then just start handing them out!

If you plan to give your fillers to others for use in their bags, post that you have fillers to offer. Tell what they are (as in a coupon, bookmark, etc.), what company they’re for, and how many you have. Then when someone asks for your fillers, send them the agreed upon amount in a timely manner and wait for the response! You may want to code your fillers for each mailing in a certain way so when you receive a response, you’ll know where they found you.

There are any number of ways to distribute your goodie bags once they’re complete. Consider giving them to:

• Local office workers
• Receptionists
• Nurses
• Your friends and family
• Teachers
• Cashiers
• Servers
• Hair stylists
• Pet groomers
• Babysitters
• Seminar participants

The possibilities are endless! With a little creativity and imagination, fillers can help you build your direct sales business inexpensively while helping you support other direct sales consultants at the same time.

Creating Success with Your Own Direct Sales Products

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Usually when we hear the term “direct sales” we think of companies like Avon, Pampered Chef or Tupperware, those companies who have been around for years and who have thousands of consultants marketing their wares. But you don’t have to join a big company to create a successful home-based direct sales business. You can do so with your own products as well.

Direct selling, by definition, is simply the act of selling products or services directly to the consumer. So instead of selling your products to a retail shop or a distributor, you sell them directly to the one who will use them. That’s direct sales. And you can create a direct sales business with practically any product you make!

Before you decide to start your own direct sales company, or start selling your own products directly to consumers, there are some things you’ll want to consider.

First, ask yourself if other companies are already selling the same products you would be selling. A little competition is to be expected, but if there is too many others selling the same thing, the market could already be saturated. Do a little research online before you begin and you’ll save some heartaches down the road.

If there are other companies already selling what you would like to offer, maybe you can do something different in order to make your business viable. What improvements in the product line, customer care, etc. could you make? Looking for ways to improve on what your competitors offer is completely in your favor and could make it worth your while to proceed.

Once you decide to pursue direct sales of your own products, you’ll need to then decide on what products you’ll carry, the prices you’ll charge, how you’ll handle inventory, special orders, shipping and taxes. If you plan to sell online, you’ll need to set up a website and plan for managing it. And you’ll need to have catalogs or flyers printed depending on your needs.

Also determine how you’ll advertise your new business and set a budget (however small) for marketing and other costs. While you can build a business on a shoestring, you’ll still need some funds for printing flyers and/or catalogs, website hosting, and possibly offline advertising.

You’ll then want to create a marketing plan for your new business. Where will you advertise online and offline? Can you find ad swaps to save costs? Have you considered using articles to promote your business online and locally through newspapers and magazines?

While you don’t have to, you may find you want to hire consultants to help sell your products as well. If you do, you’ll need to develop a commission-based sales program including incentives and consultant fees involved. You should set your prices high enough to pay your consultants while still earning a profit for yourself.

In everything you do, strive for consistency and excellence. In your products, your work schedule, the quality of your customer service, your consultant support, etc. Whatever you do, do your best every time. This strategy will pay off in word-of-mouth referrals because people will know what to expect when they purchase from you and your company.

5 Ways to Find New Direct Sales Customers

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Growing a direct sales business may seem easier for some people than it is for others. But all of us grow our business one way… by finding more customers! Here are some tips to help you start growing your customer base right away.

• Sign up with twitter.

Twitter is an amazing tool for building online relationships which will build your business naturally. Post several updates each day. Share quotes, funny thoughts, inspiration and more. Include a link to your direct sales website in your profile. Offer solutions to problems. Interact with others and get to know the “tweeps” (people on twitter). Never try to sell your twitter friends! But build relationships and you will build your business.

• Send out a press release.

Write a simple press release (PR), or hire someone to write it for you. Submit it to local newspapers, radio stations, TV stations and all the free PR websites you can find. Focus the release on an item of interest such as a contest you’re running, a new service you’re offering, or an event you’re sponsoring or participating in. A sale is not news, nor is the fact that you just joined a company. But there are many news angles that will get you free press. Find one and get started right away.

• Submit free articles to online publishers.

There are thousands of words written every day about the potential in writing and submitting articles to online publishers and article directories. And with good reason.. this is a tremendous way to find new customers, attract traffic to your website and build your direct sales business online. Don’t feel you can write well enough? Hire a ghostwriter. Freelance ghostwriters come pretty cheap nowadays. But the business building potential is priceless.

• Host an open house.

Stock up on some of your nicest products. Arrange them attractively on a table in your dining room, living room or den. Create some door prize drawing slips to collect the names and addresses of visitors. Set out some catalogs and order forms. Bake a few cookies and make some coffee. You’re good to go!

Send out postcards and invite everyone you know. Have the kids post some flyers around town. Put a sign in your front yard with the day and time. Then relax and have fun!

Have a door prize drawing at the end of the day and give away a gift basket filled with products. Then follow up with every visitor to say thank you.

You’ll have new contacts, some new orders, and will have created some fun and good will among your friends and neighbors.

• Write a book or an ebook.

A book in your direct sales niche will help dramatically to brand you as an expert in your field. If you sell beauty products, write a book on skin care, make-up or fashion tips. If you sell kitchen items, write a cookbook or how-to cook book. If you sell toys and children’s items, write a book of children’s games and activities, or a book for parents. Whatever you do, make it professional, proofread it carefully, and create a quality product for surefire business building success.

There are literally hundreds of ways to find new customers and we’ll be focusing on more as time goes on. Until then, get started with these five and see if your direct sales business doesn’t begin to grow almost immediately!

Guerilla Marketing Tactics for Direct Sellers

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Being in the middle of a recession doesn’t have to hinder your direct sales marketing efforts. Begin to think like a guerilla… marketer, that is – not the furry kind that beats his chest!

Guerilla marketers are serious about promoting and marketing their businesses with little or no cash outlay. They look for every opportunity to share their message and gain exposure. You can do the same with a little creativity and effort.

• Clip any articles from national magazines like Redbook, Elle, Vogue, Ladies Home Journal, Woman’s Day, etc., that mention or recommend your company’s products. Create a journal to show prospective recruits and customers. This will build credibility as well as pointing out how the national organization is promoting your products so heavily.

• Leave samples of your products in businesses that complement your product line. For instance, leave cologne samples or testers in salons and spas. Leave spices and herbs samples in kitchen supply stores. Leave scrapbooking samples in yarn stores (scrapbooking stores would probably see you as a competitor). Offer a free product to the store owner for every sale made through her business.

• Accept coupons for your competitor’s products. If you sell beauty products, take $2 off Revlon mascara coupons and give $2 off your company mascara. You probably want to limit the dollar amount on these and state that you’ll only accept one coupon per sale but even if you lose a few cents on one sale, you’ll ultimately gain more loyal customers with this strategy.

• Hand out three catalogs, brochures, flyers or business cards every single day. Be sure to get each person’s name, address, phone and email information so you can keep in touch with your new prospects. Contact them when you’re ready to place a new order to see if they need anything.

• Have a realtor’s style sign made for your yard and a set of magnets for your car that include your business name, phone number and URL

• Look for community newsletters and local newspapers where you can place low-cost advertising. Some small publications will include a business card size ad for $3 to $5 an issue that goes out to hundreds of local residents.

• Sponsor a local bowling team or ball team. You buy their T-shirts which they wear every time they play and you get “free” publicity plus build good will in your community.

These few strategies can get you started thinking like a guerrilla. Use them and look for other options to help you grow and build your direct sales business on a shoestring.

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