The 7 Best Garage Organizing Solutions

Written by Neat Freak

If you’ve tried to organize your garage, and keep it organized, you know that this is a project that never ends. Maintaining clutter control in your garage is an ongoing struggle, one which proves the old organizing adage – “a place for everything and everything in its place”. Without proper storage, you won’t get the kind of organized spaces that will encourage and support a neat and tidy garage.

Whether you park your car in the garage or use it strictly for storage, remember, every square foot of your home is valuable, so why not reclaim your garage and make it work for you instead of against you? If your budget allows you to furnish your garage from top to bottom with specially designed storage units, you’ll find numerous designs and ideas to complete any project you can imagine. If you have a limited budget, there are many storage units that you can install a piece at a time as you are able to afford. And, because you are frugal and creative, you might also want to design your own specialized storage to fit your individual needs and budget. Let’s see how we can get that garage in shape for once and for all.

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1. Shelves – By simply attaching shelves to the walls of your garage, you will immediately increase your storage space. Even if your space is seriously limited, you will find a large assortment of sturdy brackets and shelves in every size to fit every need. You may also want to check out the stand-alone shelving units. Many are made specifically for the garage, are heavy-duty, adjustable, and washable. If you are storing heavy objects, like tools or paint, be sure your shelves are sturdy. Don’t skimp on the shelves if it means they won’t be safe. If you’re handy, or know someone who is, you may even want to build your own shelves. Choose heavy-duty hardware and sturdy wood. And, as always, be sure to do your homework before you buy or build your shelves. Draw up a floor plan and figure out exactly how much room you have to work with. Then, hit the stores and have fun.

2. Overhead Storage – Overhead storage is one of the greatest gimmicks you’ll find to get your seldom used things out of the way and safely stored. For instance, if you only use your suitcases once a year, store them overhead. How about the baby furniture you’re holding onto? Overhead storage may be just the solution for those long-term storage problems. You’ll find pre-built units specifically made for overhead storage, hanging shelf units that attach to the rafters, and many do-it-yourself projects to design unique, custom overhead storage to suit your individual needs.

3. Pegboard, Etc – Pegboard, slotboard, or slatwall are an organizer’s dream. You can customize your storage space for specific uses by attaching hooks, brackets, baskets, and shelves in a variety of sizes and shapes. Cover a wall with pegboard and you’ll have the perfect area to “super-organize” your tools. You know you’ve achieved perfection when you have your hammer, pliers, gardening trowel, or handsaw hung on a hook with the silhouette of the tool outlined behind it. Now, that’s organized.

4. Tool Hangers – If tools are a major part of your life, you may want to look into hanging systems made just to hold tools. You’ll find the type with rollers that grab the handles and hold each tool in place. There are also special hooks made to hold your tools with the handles facing down. These special storage devices will not only keep your tools out of the way and organized, but will ensure that your tools are stored safely as well as neatly.

5. Plastic Hanging Closets – These special storage units are heavy-duty, waterproof plastic storage bags that attach easily to the garage rafters. You’ll find them with hanging bars or shelves inside, with a door that zips closed. Look for ventilation slots as this will reduce dust and mildew while keeping pests out of the items stored. Depending on your particular climate, consider these the extra closet space you long for but can’t find inside your house.

6. Sports Storage – If your family participates in sports, you will forever be stumbling over sports gear unless you create a space for these otherwise uncontrollable items. Instead of tripping over loose balls, bats, racquets, rollerblades, hockey sticks, and all the other sports paraphernalia you have, corral it all in specially designed holders. You’ll find a wide array of storage made just for balls, bikes, racquets and more. Consider mounting special hooks or racks to hang your bikes when not in use. Don’t forget your family’s shoes worn for these sports, too. When you consider the safety factor of avoiding an unfortunate fall caused by a loose ball or errant skate, you may want to make this one of your first purchases.

7. Cabinets – If you have the room for cabinets, either upper or lower, you have the perfect garage storage opportunity. You’ll gain a work surface outside of the house, so you can clank and clatter all you want without disturbing your family inside the house. You’ll also have a way to hide clutter by closing the doors. Most importantly, you’ll have the ability to lock items behind closed doors and drawers, keeping harmful items safely locked away from your little ones.

Whether you start organizing your garage with a floor to ceiling plan, or take it a step at a time, installing storage units in your garage will be one of those projects that will have you wondering why you hadn’t done it before now. The satisfaction of walking into your garage with everything in its place is comforting. Being able to walk through your garage without tripping over piles of stuff is invaluable. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves? Pick a sunny day, open up that door, and dig in!

If you want this to be the year you finally organize your life and your home, let us help you get started. Visit us again for lots more organizing tips and ideas.

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