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First of all I would like to send a big shout out to all your work at home moms and work at home mom “wanna-be’s” who are looking for that one opportunity to make your dreams happen. I also want to thank Nicole Dean for giving me the opportunity to share my own work at home mom experiences with all of you! This is the first article in my column that will be filled with valuable information to help work at home moms succeed. If you have any questions or any particular topics that you would like to know more about, e-mail me because this column is ultimately for you.

The Truly Successful WAHM: Having It All Is Conceivable

The truly successful work at home mom, her day is a busy one and many envy her, some even try to duplicate her and fail. Is it really possible to have complete balance between home and work at home priorities, sure it is. You just have to have the right information and here it is. If you’ve wondered how she does it, wonder no more because her secrets are revealed!

The truly successful work at home mom provides extra income for her family while her husband works the 9-5, her children go to school and she stays so busy, she could probably floss using the very hair on her own legs! She does the laundry, she cooks, she runs errands, she checks homework, tutors her children, she tends to tummy aches, buys groceries, cleans the toilet and the bathtub every time she slips off to take a much needed five minute shower.

How does she do it?

How is it possible to live the domestic life of a corporate mom?

Well, mom is smart for one. Having mastered the skills of her business craft, she’s also mastered the skills of running a successful family first. A work at home mom cannot be a successful work at home mom without the loving support of her family. It may have been hard at first, but over the years, she’s learned the skills needed from pure experience.

With that said, the big question is…how can I utilize the experiences of that work at home mom to benefit my life and my dreams of becoming that balanced work at home mom?

If you find yourself suffering from the demands of the work at home mom lifestyle, STOP! Look at what you’re doing. You may have umpteen websites, your office may be organized but your house looks like a nuclear warhead landed and declared war, your kids are emptying the last bottle of shampoo in the toilet right now, bill collectors can’t even get through to tell you that you owe a bill because your phone line is tied up from being connected to the Internet all day, you’re husband is complaining about how there’s never any food in the house and even your dog has developed a particular distaste for you!

Anyone can make up a schedule to follow throughout the day, but only a true work at home mom can actually follow it! The quality you lack may be discipline.

You may be thinking, “How can that be?”

After all, you’ve developed a way to make a small fortune from your home. That didn’t happen from pure discipline, that was derived from pure will to succeed and discipline may have played an important role, yet not a building block for your success. The only way to conquer those dangling aspects in your life that prevent you from being a truly successful work at home mom is discipline. It’s not too late; you can accomplish your goals.

Realistically look at all the tasks that you do within a day. The work at home mom business needs should come after the work at home mom family needs. That doesn’t mean that you submerge yourself in ironing every piece of clothing your family owns to make your kids look privileged but you need to huddle up with your family and assign chores for everyone first.

After everyone has his or her duties listed, you need to find a way to pick up the slack on what’s left. Make a list of what’s left over and put it to the side. List your daily business duties, when you do it and how long it takes you to do it. Then pull out the family duties list, look at what’s left for you and incorporate the parts that you can. Whatever is left over may not be possible for you to do and if it’s not, look for some help. The only help you may get, is the ability to discipline yourself.

Amongst the duties of your newly devised schedule, don’t leave out that hour in the day for you to break and recuperate—without it, chaos is an ultimate result. In times that you need to meet deadlines or catch up on work, shift a duty to someone else in the home and make it clear to your husband that part of your ability to earn money from home, saving money on gas, childcare and lunches does come with a small price.

After a few weeks, you’ll notice that things are running smoother and the initial stress from beginning the new work at home mom schedule will be eliminated. You can have it all; with a few adjustments you too can develop the traits and discipline of a truly successful work at home mom.

About the author: Lisa Gonzalez is a wife, a mother to three rambunctious boys, a successful work at home mom, a freelance writer, a Spanish translator, a pizza junkie and she has two websites, www.zonemom.com  and www.keywordprincess.com 
If you would like to contact her for subjects in this column please do so at: gonzalezinc@lowcountry.com


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