10 Tips for Successful Hostess Coaching

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Making your hostess happy (and keeping her that way) will help tremendously in ensuring stronger bookings, more and better parties with larger attendance, and ultimately higher sales. Hostess coaching may not come naturally to every direct sales consultant, especially a new one, but it can be learned.

1. Book your parties within two to three weeks maximum. Booking farther out tends to encourage more cancellations since most people don’t keep their calendars that far in advance and many things can come up. This will give you and your hostess plenty of time to create a guest list, get invitations sent out and (hopefully) get another booking or two from your hostess’s friends.

2. Give each hostess a packet filled with information to help her prepare for her party. Include:
• At least 3-4 catalogs
• About 10 order forms
• A sheet for her to begin a “wish list” of the free and discounted products she wants
• A guest list with room for complete contact information for the guests she wants to invite
• Information on your business opportunity
• Any other information you think may motivate her toward a better party
• A thank you card to let her know you appreciate the booking

3. For best results, ask your hostess to return the guest list to you so that you can send out invitations rather than leaving the task to her. This has proven to bring much greater success and more guests in attendance at parties. You can then send a postcard invitation to each guest and follow-up with a phone call the days before the party.

4. Encourage your hostess to get as many outside orders as she can since this will greatly increase her party sales, thereby increasing her free products and discounts (not to mention your sales!).

5. Follow-up with your hostess one week after the booking to be sure she has everything she needs and to answer any questions she may have. Also call her one to two days before the party to re-confirm and cover any last minute details. Ask if she’s gotten any outside orders, and how many guests are planning to be there.

6. On the night of the party, recognize your hostess and publicly thank her for inviting you into her home. Give her a free hostess gift just for holding the party, and offer a free gift right then to anyone who books a party off hers.

7. A day or two after the party, call your hostess and thank her again for all she did. Send her a postcard or note card in the mail to say thank you more formally. You could include a business card magnet so she can call you if she has questions, needs anything, or for when she’s ready to rebook.

8. Collect all the outside orders your hostess collected and finalize her party as quickly as possible. After all money is collected, be sure her order arrives on time and intact. Communicate with her often to deal with any issues that may arrive such as damaged products or delayed shipments.

9. Call your hostess after all orders have been delivered to be sure she and her guests were pleased with their products. Ask her if she knows anyone else who may want to book a party or join your team. Encourage her to call you if she has any questions at any time.

10. Call your hostess again about four to six months after her party and invite her to book another. Tell her about any new hostess products or incentives you have to offer and give her an added discount such as 10% off any one item for being a repeat hostess.

Hostess coaching may not come naturally, but it can make a world of difference in the success of your direct sales parties. Do all you can to coach your hostess to success and you’ll be building your own business success in the process.


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