10 Tips to Help Direct Sales Consultants Boost Holiday Sales

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The holidays are the perfect time for direct sales business owners to increase their sales. With the right tools, direct sales consultants can not only increase sales, but bring in new customers as well. Here are some tips to help you benefit from this potential boost in your holiday sales.

1. Advertise

Place newspaper, radio, and online ads to let your customers know what type sales you’ll be having during the holidays. Another way to advertise is to create a flyer or sales paper with all of your sale items listed. Make sure the items advertised are available, and change them up a bit every week to keep your customers interested.

2. Coupons

With today‚Äôs economy looking dim, offering coupons for various items is a great way to boost your sales. And with coupons, you can limit how many of each item can be purchased, so you’re potentially increasing full price sales as well. For instance, limit two candles at your special price per customer. A customer who wants additional candles can buy additional items at the regular price. And there’s a good chance they’ll bring friends and family to buy from you as well, if you offer additional coupons for their friends to use.

3. Cut Prices in Half

Cut prices down to half for a certain time each week. On Saturdays and Sundays, for instance, offer half price items that are only available during specific hours. Customers will flood your business in anticipation of getting an item that they may have had their eye on for some time, but couldn’t afford to buy for regular price.

4. Free Shipping

Ship items free no matter how much the customer purchase is. Set a date range for this special and advertise it widely. You can also offer free returns if the customer isn’t satisfied.

5. Offer Different Ways to Pay

Many companies will only accept MasterCard, Discover and Visa, but you can bring in new customers and boost your sales by taking payment by PayPal or even checks. PayPal, especially, is a safe, easy way to get paid for purchases made online or via the telephone.

6. Donate to Community Groups

Donate some of your products to charity groups or sponsor events in your community. The more time you spend supporting your community, the more likely the community will support your business because they’ll know who you are and learn to trust you. And Christmas is the best time of year to make a charitable donation to help others in need.

7. Themes

Create a holiday theme for your business. Decorate your website for the holidays. Gear your online shop toward the holidays and less toward the products.. This will let customers see that you’re not just about selling merchandise but that you’re a “real” person, too.

8. Buy Two Get One Free

In addition to offering low prices, offer products where the customer can buy two, and in return, get another one free. For instance, if you offer two shirts for $10 each, a customer can get one free when she buys two. A customer who doesn’t want to benefit from the sale has to pay the regular price of $15.

9. Limited Time Offer

Offer a limited a time offer. For instance, offer a free makeup with any purchase during the next 24 hours. Customers will flood you with orders because they know that the offer will be gone if they wait. Let special sales run for one week only and watch your sales boom as well.

10. Offer Varying Discounts

Determine a discount based on the dollar amount customers spend. For instance, offer 10 percent off on an order of $50 or more, 15 percent off on an order of $75 or more, 20 percent off on an order of $100 or more, etc. This will encourage larger purchases in order to get the most savings.

There are many ways to boost the holiday sales for your direct sales business. Hopefully, you’ve discovered a few that will help you increase your sales and grow your business!


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