5 Tips to Increase Direct Marketing Sales

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With the holiday season upon us we can practically feel the excitement in the air. While many individuals are focusing on Thanksgiving, some have already put up Christmas decorations. Direct sales reps are pouring over catalogs and booking parties and events. Organizing a business plan for the holidays can be a difficult task. A few tips are in order to increase sales this season.


While this may seem natural and common it is often overlooked, especially as the season progresses. Things get busy, orders get misplaced, are late or don’t arrive at all. Through every situation the direct marketing sales reps must maintain their composure. The simplest way to do this is with a smile. A smile transcends almost every misunderstanding and sets the stage for goodwill. Don’t forget that a happy demeanor is for all occasions, not just mishaps. Smile as you answer the phone, type out an email, write a note or chat on an instant messenger. Customers will feel the glow through the communication and respond accordingly, with appreciation and more orders.

Promote Product Benefits

Customers can see the product, maybe even smell or taste it, so they know what it is. However, they may not realize the full benefits it holds for them. Reps must tell their clients how the product will make them feel, how it will affect their minds and bodies, how it will lessen their stress or increase their productivity. As humans we want to know what is in it for us. If we make a purchase we don’t just want to possess one more item; we want that product to transform a part of our lives.

Know The Products

Direct sales reps must know their products. If products are presented without knowledge, the customers can tell. Why should they buy a product they know nothing about when their rep doesn’t even have firsthand experience with it. Products that are similar are simple to handle. Comparisons can be made and little differences noted. Hopefully the differences are better features which will encourage clients to try new products and give referrals to their friends. When products are completely new to the line it is advisable to obtain at least a trial size to sample. Many companies have monthly packets loaded with the latest items or seasonal favorites at discount rates. They understand the need for their reps to be prepared for questions from customers and also fill the need for samples.


Everyone likes something for nothing and samples are a wonderful way to spread a little joy while increasing customer base and sales. Samples are nice surprises for returning clients and prompt purchases of new items. They should be included in the delivery package of every order along with any available catalogs or sales flyers, and a short personal note. These nifty people pleasers should be readily available at parties and other sales functions where products are displayed. Many companies have samples available to their reps at minimal pricing. However, when samples are not available for a particular item it is wise to purchase at least one full size product and use it as a sample in presentations.


Most companies offer a money back guarantee, and direct marketing sales reps will want to take full advantage of this by educating their clients on the company policies for returns and refunds. If a company guarantee is not in place the reps can increase sales by offering their own guarantees. These can be as simple or complex as necessary depending upon the type of product offered. For rep created guarantees, or for companies who don’t require the rep to return the items to the company, there are a myriad of uses for returned merchandise. Full size items make the best display samples. Customers get to see exactly how large the actual item will be and visual types will be compelled to make a purchase.

As direct marketing sales reps march out to meet the challenge of increased sales this season, they should be well supplied and knowledgeable. Samples, catalogs and flyers will do their part, while knowledge of products and benefits assist customers in positive decision making when placing orders. Above all reps should spread the cheer that belongs to the season.


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