5 Ways to Find New Direct Sales Customers

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Growing a direct sales business may seem easier for some people than it is for others. But all of us grow our business one way… by finding more customers! Here are some tips to help you start growing your customer base right away.

• Sign up with twitter.

Twitter is an amazing tool for building online relationships which will build your business naturally. Post several updates each day. Share quotes, funny thoughts, inspiration and more. Include a link to your direct sales website in your profile. Offer solutions to problems. Interact with others and get to know the “tweeps” (people on twitter). Never try to sell your twitter friends! But build relationships and you will build your business.

• Send out a press release.

Write a simple press release (PR), or hire someone to write it for you. Submit it to local newspapers, radio stations, TV stations and all the free PR websites you can find. Focus the release on an item of interest such as a contest you’re running, a new service you’re offering, or an event you’re sponsoring or participating in. A sale is not news, nor is the fact that you just joined a company. But there are many news angles that will get you free press. Find one and get started right away.

• Submit free articles to online publishers.

There are thousands of words written every day about the potential in writing and submitting articles to online publishers and article directories. And with good reason.. this is a tremendous way to find new customers, attract traffic to your website and build your direct sales business online. Don’t feel you can write well enough? Hire a ghostwriter. Freelance ghostwriters come pretty cheap nowadays. But the business building potential is priceless.

• Host an open house.

Stock up on some of your nicest products. Arrange them attractively on a table in your dining room, living room or den. Create some door prize drawing slips to collect the names and addresses of visitors. Set out some catalogs and order forms. Bake a few cookies and make some coffee. You’re good to go!

Send out postcards and invite everyone you know. Have the kids post some flyers around town. Put a sign in your front yard with the day and time. Then relax and have fun!

Have a door prize drawing at the end of the day and give away a gift basket filled with products. Then follow up with every visitor to say thank you.

You’ll have new contacts, some new orders, and will have created some fun and good will among your friends and neighbors.

• Write a book or an ebook.

A book in your direct sales niche will help dramatically to brand you as an expert in your field. If you sell beauty products, write a book on skin care, make-up or fashion tips. If you sell kitchen items, write a cookbook or how-to cook book. If you sell toys and children’s items, write a book of children’s games and activities, or a book for parents. Whatever you do, make it professional, proofread it carefully, and create a quality product for surefire business building success.

There are literally hundreds of ways to find new customers and we’ll be focusing on more as time goes on. Until then, get started with these five and see if your direct sales business doesn’t begin to grow almost immediately!


One Response to “5 Ways to Find New Direct Sales Customers”

  1. Angela Scott says:
    April 29th, 2009 8:46 am

    Great ideas. We have used them all to grow our business. We have the added advantage of giving away our product. We don’t have to sell anything so it’s easier to get people to take it and then the company pays us for giving it away. The product saves people money on the things they have to buy and we get paid when they save money. It’s a win/win for everyone. The business can be seen at http://www.SavingSavingSaving.com

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