6 Ways to Market Your Direct Sales Business Locally

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While it’s easy to get involved in online marketing, a successful direct sales consultant needs to make the most of offline and local marketing as well. Here are some ideas for advertising and promoting your direct sales business in your local community.

1. Sponsor a sports team.

Dozens of little league baseball teams, adult and youth softball teams, soccer teams, football and basketball teams, bowling teams and more are looking for someone to sponsor them.

While this could involve paying the team’s entrance fee into the league, or buying full uniforms, it often involves buying only T-shirts or bowling shirts. That can make sponsoring a team affordable for almost any direct sales consultant who’s serious about her business.

The goodwill generated in the community along with having your company name on the backs of 10-12 team members two to three times every week can be a real boost to your business.

2. Place an ad in a local newspaper, magazine or newsletter.

This is especially affordable if you live in a small town; advertising in big city newspapers and magazines can cost as much as national publications. But even then, you might be able to find local print newsletters published by computer user groups, gardening clubs, home associations and others who would allow you to run a business card size ad for a very reasonable price.

Locate potential publications by searching online for “newsletter advertising” (with quotes) and include the name of your hometown. Or ask friends and families if they know of any possibilities. This could turn into one of your best marketing methods ever.

3. Advertise on a billboard.

If you can find a privately owned billboard, in particular, the cost may be less than you think. And often, billboard ads are left up long past the expiration date of the ad. The price could be out of your range but it’s worth a few phone calls to find out before you write off this advertising option as totally unaffordable.

4. Have magnetic signs or window decals made.

You can get a pair of magnetic signs for under $50, and window decals are much less than that. While you may not receive any traceable orders from the signs, getting your name out in the community and letting others know what you do will pay off. Put a set on every vehicle you own, if possible. You may be surprised at how many people call you and say “I’m so glad I found you. I’ve been looking all over for a consultant!”

5. Use pin-back buttons.

Another very low-cost option, pin-back buttons are an excellent advertising option. Instead of only printing your company name and phone number, however, try something like “Ask Me for a Free Catalog!” or “I Have a Free Gift for You!” People will see the pin and comment, and there’s your open door for sales and bookings.

Have buttons made for anyone you know who’ll wear one as well. Your spouse, kids and other family members can wear a button that says “My Mom / Dad / Sister / Daughter sells…” (with your company name or products). Successful direct sales representatives almost always have help from their friends and family. Make the most of all the help you can get!

6. Have business cards professionally printed.

While you can use cards that you design and print yourself, nothing says “professional” like a well-designed, professionally printed business card. For the minimal cost of a box of business cards, you can’t go wrong with this local advertising option.

Post cards everywhere you go, leave them on counters, tables, on the sink in the ladies room. You never know where someone will see your card and need what you have to offer.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about marketing and advertising your direct sales business locally. Hopefully, your increased sales and exposure will help you see that it’s well worth the time and money you spend to improve your local marketing efforts.


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