Bears Preschool Theme Crafts

Written by Nicole Dean

by Aunt B

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Bear Crafts for Kids

Bear Mask Craft

Paper Plate
Brown Paint
Small sheet of Black Construction Paper
Black Marker
Brown Construction Paper
Jumbo Craft Stick
Masking Tape

Paint a paper plate brown. While the paper plate is drying cut out a 3 or 4 inch circle out of brown construction paper and cut a 1 inch circle out of the black construction paper.
Next cut the brown circle in half, this is going to be the ears for your bear mask. Once your paper plate is dry, you need to cut out eye holes for your mask. Glue the brown ears and the black nose to your mask. Tape the jumbo craft stick to your mask.

Cinnamon / Coffee Bear Craft

Simple Bear Shape printed on Card Stock
Cinnamon or Dry Coffee Grounds
Paint Brush

Cut out the simple bear shape. Paint the bear shape with the glue. Next sprinkle on cinnamon or dry coffee grounds onto the bear shape. Let dry and you have a bear that is good for smell and texture.

Lace Bear Craft

Card Stock
Simple Bear Shape
Hole Puncher
Yarn or Ribbon

Print out the simple bear shape on your card stock. Cut the bear shape out. Taking your hole punch, make holes all around the edge of the bear. Have your child use the Yarn or Ribbon to lace up the bear.

Bear Cookie “B” Craft

Heavy Paper
Bear Shaped Cookies (Teddy Grahams)

Draw a capital B on to your paper. Next add glue to the B and have your child add the bear cookies. This is great for learning the sound bbb and the letter B.

Bear Books

Bear Snores On
by Karma Wilson
One by one, a whole host of different animals and birds find their way out of the cold and into Bear’s cave to warm up. But even after the tea has been brewed and the corn has been popped, Bear just snores on!

Jamberry Board Book
by Bruce Degen
A young boy and a bear joyously romp through the land of berries where there are raspberry rabbits and a brassberry band with elephants skating on strawberry jam!

The Legend of the Teddy Bear
by Frank Murphy
While nearly everyone has a memory of their own favorite tattered teddy bear, the details of the day President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear have been lost to time. Now, nearly 100 years later, the legend that has grown around that fateful encounter will captivate you in this delightful tale.

Bear Cooking with Kids
Bear Face Sandwich

Heart Cookie Cutter
Peanut Putter
2 Raisins

Use the hear cookie cutter to cut out your bread. (Partially frozen bread cuts easily) Spread peanut butter onto the heart shaped bread. At the bottom of the heart place the cherry for a nose and the two raisins above the cherry for eyes.

You can use any type of spread not just peanut butter. You can also change up the nose and eyes also.


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