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You Need

Looking for an Easy Way to Make a Website?
This is the totally NON-technical method for you.

Face Painting at Parties

Start a Pet Sitting Business

Start a Website or Blog

Tutoring Business

Teen Business Ideas

Make a Website

Set your child or teen up with a way to make residual income with an online business.

Website Ideas

Favorite celebrity
Favorite musician
Favorite movie or TV series
Favorite line of clothing
Book or movie reviews
Toy reviews

Ways to Make Money off Your Website

Step 1: Get a website or blog

Web Hosting Site Reviews

Start a Blog

Start a Recipe Blog (Money-Making Blogs)

How to Start a Craft Blog (Money-Making Blogs)

Step 2: Get monetized

Affiliate Programs

Step 3: Get traffic

Website Promotion Tips and Advertising Advice

More ways for your Kids to Make Money starting a business of their own.

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