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Advertising your direct sale business with flyers is a great way to find new customers, team members and hostesses. But not everyone knows how to design a “killer” marketing flyer that will attract attention and get results. Here are some things to consider when designing yours:

• Keep It Simple Sister. Don’t go overboard when designing a flyer. One nice graphic, one or two fonts and lots of white space make for a cleaner design, and one that’s easier to read. Since response will come only if a flyer is read, that’s your objective, and keeping your design simple will help you accomplish that goal.

• Consider what you want to accomplish with your flyer. Are you looking for orders? Hostesses? Recruits? The purpose of the flyer will determine the content.

For instance, if you want a flyer to recruit hostesses, be sure to include the benefits of hosting a party, the free gifts available, the flexibility of holding a catalog show or online party instead of an in-home show, etc.

If you’re looking for recruits, focus on the benefits of being a consultant for your company, the earnings potential, flexible hours, joy of owning your own business and more.

Let the desired outcome help you decide what information to include.

• Include full contact information. Name, phone number, email address and website URL are all important. You can even include a cell phone number if you want people to contact you that way.

• Create an interesting, eye-catching layout. One of the most common graphic design layouts follows a “C” pattern.

Look at a flyer or magazine ad that you like. Your eye typically gravitates to the top right side, then moves to the center left, then drops back to the bottom right. The effect is a visual “C”. It has a natural flow and works very well for ads and flyers.

Use this principle when creating your own flyers. Place a graphic or element at the top right, then another element in the middle of the page to the left, then let the eye naturally follow down and to the right as shown below in this sample from a Microsoft Publisher template which is included with the software.

• Another simple, yet effective design is a center line. Create your various page elements–heading, graphic, content, contact information–and center the entire flyer on the page. This is especially good for inexperienced designers who still need an attractive layout.

• Use the largest font that will fit your headline on the page. Never let words break in the middle or use hyphens in your headlines, though. But you can let the headline break to two lines if you use a natural split.

For instance, if your headline is “Earn Free Hostess Gifts!” you wouldn’t want your line to look like this:

Free Hostess


Earn Free
Hostess Gifts!

would work. You don’t want to split your line too much or it will take up to much room. But you can use a much larger font with the second example and still break your headline in a natural spot for easy reading.

• Give benefits rather than features. Telling people how your products or business opportunity will solve their problems will achieve much better results than simply telling them what products are available or what the sales commission is. Focus on the emotions you want readers to feel and create a flyer to draw out those emotions for the greatest success.

• Offer a solution to a problem. Consider your target customer and ask yourself why she would buy your products. Is she an aging career woman who wants to look younger? Does she want to redecorate her home without the hassle of hiring an interior designer? Let her know what you can do for her!

If you’re creating a flyer to recruit your ideal team member, ask yourself the same thing… why would she sign up with your company or your team? Is she a stay at home mom who wants something to do while the kids are in school? Or is she a single parent who needs to earn extra income? Once you decide what your prospect is searching for, you can create a flyer to let her know how you can meet her need and solve her problem.

• Remember Marlon Brando in The Grandfather making people an offer they couldn’t refuse? Do the same with your flyer. Add a discount coupon with at least 20%–most people won’t even bother with a 10% discount anymore. Or promise a surprise gift free with every order, or specialized training free to new recruits. Whatever you offer, make it exciting and something your prospect can’t live without!

• Add customer testimonials. Something simple like “Marie is the BEST direct sales consultant I’ve ever met!” –L.N., or “I am so glad Marie told me about this business opportunity! The money I make has saved my family from bankruptcy!” –A.R. Always include a name or at least initials with testimonials.

Just be sure these are real testimonials, never manufactured ones! If you don’t have any, ask current clients or team members if they feel comfortable giving you a recommendation. If they do, use it on your next flyer. It can make a huge difference in your marketing efforts.

Creating a fantastic flyer for your direct sales business will require some time and planning, but it’s a simple task that anyone can do. And you can use your flyer to promote your business in so many ways. Why don’t you get started on yours right now!


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