Creative Ways To Advertise Your Direct Sales Business

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There are so many ways to spread the word about your direct sales business, products and business opportunity. The key is to continually look for new methods of promoting your business so you can increase sales and add new recruits. Here are some ideas you may not have thought of yet.

• Buy a large bag of miniature Payday™ candy bars and add a label on the back that says, “Ask me how every day can be a Payday!” and include your phone number and website address. Give one to everyone you meet. Leave one on the table with your tip at restaurants. Give one to cashiers and bank tellers.

• Buy miniature candy bars to give out at Halloween. Include a label on each piece with your direct sales company name and full contact information. It not only makes parents feel safer letting their kids eat the candy, it’s great advertising for your business as well. Mom and Dad eat a lot of candy the kids bring home on Halloween!

• Create advertising filler packs and give them to every person you meet, everywhere you go. Take several with you when you go to a ball game, run errands, get your hair cut, go to a restaurant. If you’ll be around people–women, in particular–take some filler packs with you and hand them out. Need fillers for your packs? Get them from non-competing direct sales consultants and other small and home based business owners, and give them yours for their filler packs.

• Create mint books. These are cardstock designs that look like just like matchbooks only they have a mint inside. Print your direct sales company information, website address and a discount code on them. These are great to hand out wherever you go or include in your filler packs. You can even keep some in a bowl on your kitchen counter and encourage friends and family to take some and share them.

• Cut out tulle circles, place a few Hershey’s Kisses™ in the center, and tie with a ribbon. Attach a business card to the ribbon and distribute to secretaries in area offices along with a catalog and a word of appreciation for all they do.

• Donate a prize to a local radio station. In return they’ll mention your name on-air when they give the prize away. Or better yet, bake a batch of brownies or cookies and take to the DJs. Include a card of appreciation for their hard work, and be sure to sign the card with–not only your name–but your business name as well.

• Donate discontinued items to a local women’s shelter. When the women get back on their feet–and many of them will!–they’ll remember you. You might even find some recruits there if your business opportunity is flexible and doesn’t cost much.

• If your direct sales company will allow it, register a domain name and start your own website, aside from the company site. Even if you have to link to the company site to sell products, you can offer free articles and information about your company and opportunity on your site, which will typically allow you much more flexibility in promoting your business.

• Join together with other direct sales consultants and home based business owners to create a welcoming committee for new neighbors. Have each member contribute fillers and samples to create welcome gift bags. Then keep an eye out for people moving into the neighborhood. When they do, drop off a gift bag and let them know you’re glad they moved in.

• Print labels with your direct sales company name, website address, email and a discount code. Stick one on the back of every single envelope you mail. You’d be surprised how many people–postal workers included!–will see your URL and visit your site.

• Put an ad in your local high school yearbook. These are typically inexpensive and will last virtually forever since most everyone keeps their annuals and looks at them again over and over!

• Send out a postcard to your entire mailing list whenever your direct sales company comes out with a new catalog or brochure. Have them printed with something like, “Call me for a New Catalog and get a 15% discount off your first order!”

• Sponsor a local restaurant’s menus. Offer to pay for a portion of their menu printing cost, or their carry-out menus, in return for an ad for your direct sales business on the back cover.

• Start a local business networking group with one representative from each company. Meet every week and share business leads, business building tips and referrals.

• Submit your website URL to search engines, directories, online shopping malls, and anywhere else you can. Also take part in link exchanges and free advertising to get the word out about your website.

• Teach a seminar or class at your local library. Design a class based on your direct sales business. Make it fun and informative. Don’t try to sell! But be sure to provide plenty of flyers and business cards so students can contact you for additional products or more information.

• Offer one-on-one classes. This would work the same as a class you would teach at the library, but you’d provide it to individuals who prefer more specialized training, or who don’t learn as well in a classroom setting. Create a “kit” of products that will complement the class outline and let your students know that the class is free when they buy the kit.

• Use your answering machine to tell anyone who calls you about your business. Include your website address or information about upcoming specials or sales.

Have other ideas that work to promote your direct sales business? Leave a comment and share what works for you!


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