Creative Ways to Market with Expired Catalogs

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Sometimes as direct sales consultants, we end up with extra catalogs that we couldn’t use before the expiration date. Maybe we ordered too many for an event, or just didn’t get them handed out like we thought we would. Whatever the reason, catalogs are money in hand, so we certainly don’t want to just toss them out! Here are some ideas to make the most of your expired catalogs and hopefully, get some added exposure and sales from them.

• Print up some stickers with your contact information, including email and website, that say “Contact Me for a Current Catalog!” Put one on each expired catalog before you begin to distribute them.

• Give them to sub-sellers at no cost. This is especially good if you typically charge your sub-sellers for catalogs.

• Leave them on a table in your local library. Our library actually has a table set aside for people to drop off used magazines and books. I’ve picked up catalogs for several direct sales companies there.

• Drop them off at local doctors, dentists, chiropractors and other offices where people have to wait.

• Leave one in the dressing room when you try on a new outfit.

• Cut a circle of netting or sheer fabric (or buy circles ready-made at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby). Place 4-5 Hershey’s Kisses® in the center of the circle and tie with ribbon. Attach one to each expired catalog and drop them off around town in any office that has a receptionist. Consider car dealerships, insurance offices, contractors, etc.

• Ask if you can drop off a few at your child’s day care center.

• Leave a few in the restaurant’s restroom when you go out to eat, and leave one on the table with your (generous) tip.

• Give one to your bank teller when you go through the drive-through.

• Leave a couple on the fabric counter in your local department store.

• Take a couple with you when you have your nails done.

• Ask your hairstylist if you can leave a few in her shop. Offer her a discount for any orders that come from there.

• Drop one off with the secretaries at your local elementary, middle and high schools.

• Leave several around your local college campus. You can also add a recruiting sticker to these since college kids are always looking for ways to make a little money.

• Leave a few in your local laundromat.

• Make up a coupon good for 10% off a first order (six to a page work well). Place one inside each expired catalog. Leave them anywhere else you can think of.

The whole idea is to change the way you think about expired catalogs. While they may have looked like money wasted before, you can now see them as potential orders and recruiting prospects with just a little effort and creativity.


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