Direct Sales Products are Ideal for Secretary’s Day

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As direct sales consultants, it’s a good idea to always be aware of upcoming holidays and special events. These make tremendous opportunities for marketing to a certain group of people. With that in mind, Wednesday, April 22, is Administrative Professional’s Day. This is the day that bosses all over America will honor their assistants with a token of appreciation. And many of those executives are just looking for a unique way to do that rather than with simply lunch or a bouquet of flowers. That’s your cue to share gift ideas from your company catalog and help those bosses look good in the eyes of their assistants. Here are some ways to do that.

• Buy or make some nice greeting cards to include with every gift you sell so your customer doesn’t have to shop anywhere else. You can easily print these from your computer using free graphics and simple phrases of gratitude.

• Offer gift wrapping or gift bags with every purchase at no additional charge.

• Place a few products in inexpensive gift bags and attach a balloon to the handle to make it more festive.

• Team with other direct sales consultants to offer a broader selection. You can include one or two items that each company sells and share in the profits.

• Do you sell mugs? File a few with various products such as Hershey’s Kisses®, herbs, a small plant, silk flowers, coffee or tea packets, etc. Tie a ribbon to the handle.

• Look for inexpensive baskets at yard sales, thrift stores or the dollar store. Paint them gold, pink or white and fill with small gifts.

• Include gifts in a variety of price ranges so you can market to companies of all sizes.

• Do you sell food? Fill a small basket, bag, or tin with several of your food products. Include a recipe card, wrap with cellophane and tie with curling ribbon.

• Sell beauty products? Choose several items that don’t aren’t colorized such as lotions, soaps, pedicure products, etc. so they’ll work for everyone.

• Don’t be discouraged if the direct sales company you rep for specializes in items that aren’t traditionally considered for secretary’s day. Look for original and innovate ways to market them.

For instance, for scrapbook companies, create a memory book kit with a small album and supplies to make several pages. Or for companies that offer children’s products, opt for a fun-filled selection of games for all ages.

• Don’t be afraid to mix products from more than one company. If you sell beauty products and kitchen items, for instance, select a nice kitchen container and fill it with beauty supplies.

• Offer to make more than one of the same gift for companies with more than one office professional.

• Make up a simple gift certificate if your company doesn’t offer them and sell those in place of the actual gift. Include a catalog and contact information so the recipient can choose what she wants.

• Don’t forget the men! While this is still a predominantly female profession, more and more men are becoming assistants. Be sure you have some gifts that would suit them as well.

There are so many ways to market your direct sales products to bosses for Administrative Professional’s Day. Do some brainstorming or creative thinking and come up with as many ideas as you can to grow your business on this special day. Think outside the box and you’re almost guaranteed to find some products that will fit the occasion.


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