Encouraging Imitation

Written by Kate Miller

Young children love to imitate their parents. There is nothing more exciting to them than to act like mom or dad. This desire to imitate can really be useful when mom needs to get some work done.

If your working involves lots of time on the computer and phone, you can start your children play-acting these activities from a very young age. Toy computers and toy phones are all over the market. Another option is to let your children play with the real thing that are no longer in use.

This play time also provides a great educational tool. Teach proper phone manners with the toy phone and letters and numbers with the keyboard. Some of the computer toys out there are actually educational toys that can then serve a dual-purpose for your little imitators.

If you want to ensure that these playful imitation toys continue to hold your child’s attention, only bring them out when you really need to get some uninterrupted work done. Then, set the child up beside you on the floor or at their own toy desk. And let them have fun developing the imitation art form.

The desire to imitate is also beneficial when it comes to regular household chores. Most young children enjoy cleaning or cooking right along with you. Encourage that and you’ll not only have extra time for getting your chores done, you’ll also have the best future helpers in the world!


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