FREE Leads – Take ‘em Or Leave ‘em

Written by Deb Bixler

Deb Bixler, Sales TrainerAnyone who does not have enough business is not taking advantage of the unlimited FREE leads available to them. There is unlimited leads our there and if you do not have enough business then you should take advantage of the free direct sales training available to learn where to find more business.

Here is a starter list of where to find unlimited free leads.

  • Bulletin Boards: Bulletin boards are all over town you can be picking up leads at every mini market, grocery store and bulletin board. This is multi-tasking because you are putting out your marketing material, picking up leads and generating an income tax deduction by logging your mileage to and from everyday errands.
  • Public speaking is one of the best ways to have an unlimited supply of free leads for any business.  It doesn’t matter if you are selling vitamins, coffee, plumbing supplies, or financial services, becoming a free local public speaker will generate business for you and create an unlimited source of FREE leads.  I know that you are probably saying that you hate to stand up in front of people and talk.  Some of you probably say you hate to speak, yet already do it in your direct sales business. Let’s face it, performing an in home demonstration is public speaking.   If you do not have more leads than you can use, then you really deserve to take advantage of public speaking as a lead generation factory. Check out the local clubs. Many of them need fund-raising opportunities and a weekly or monthly speaker. Again, you will be multi-tasking when you make calls to clubs, churches and organizations offering your services as a fund-raiser program and also a speaker.
  • Expos: Most people think of fairs and expos in the traditional sence, Pay to set up a table and network. That is awesome and you should go to a fair or expo at least monthly. It doesn’t always have to be a paid vendor event though. You can go as a guest. Pay your $2 or $7.00 to get in and network with the other guests as well as the vendors from the guest side of the table. It works!
  • Internet: Most direct sales professionals never think about all of the options of networking on the internet. Your own web site is the obvios way and there are hundreds of leads for the taking on the internet. Maybe you are a home décor rep. Have you ever Googled home décor and checked out the possible leads that come up? Are you a company who is looking for professional reps, then try Googling other sales professions like realtors. You will find lists of people who actually answer their phone and may have an interest in your company.

When you take advantage of all of the lead generation sources available to you, then you will never be hurting for sales. This is only a short list of where to find UNLIMITED FREE leads. Check out other ideas at


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