Guerilla Marketing Tactics for Direct Sellers

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Being in the middle of a recession doesn’t have to hinder your direct sales marketing efforts. Begin to think like a guerilla… marketer, that is – not the furry kind that beats his chest!

Guerilla marketers are serious about promoting and marketing their businesses with little or no cash outlay. They look for every opportunity to share their message and gain exposure. You can do the same with a little creativity and effort.

• Clip any articles from national magazines like Redbook, Elle, Vogue, Ladies Home Journal, Woman’s Day, etc., that mention or recommend your company’s products. Create a journal to show prospective recruits and customers. This will build credibility as well as pointing out how the national organization is promoting your products so heavily.

• Leave samples of your products in businesses that complement your product line. For instance, leave cologne samples or testers in salons and spas. Leave spices and herbs samples in kitchen supply stores. Leave scrapbooking samples in yarn stores (scrapbooking stores would probably see you as a competitor). Offer a free product to the store owner for every sale made through her business.

• Accept coupons for your competitor’s products. If you sell beauty products, take $2 off Revlon mascara coupons and give $2 off your company mascara. You probably want to limit the dollar amount on these and state that you’ll only accept one coupon per sale but even if you lose a few cents on one sale, you’ll ultimately gain more loyal customers with this strategy.

• Hand out three catalogs, brochures, flyers or business cards every single day. Be sure to get each person’s name, address, phone and email information so you can keep in touch with your new prospects. Contact them when you’re ready to place a new order to see if they need anything.

• Have a realtor’s style sign made for your yard and a set of magnets for your car that include your business name, phone number and URL

• Look for community newsletters and local newspapers where you can place low-cost advertising. Some small publications will include a business card size ad for $3 to $5 an issue that goes out to hundreds of local residents.

• Sponsor a local bowling team or ball team. You buy their T-shirts which they wear every time they play and you get “free” publicity plus build good will in your community.

These few strategies can get you started thinking like a guerrilla. Use them and look for other options to help you grow and build your direct sales business on a shoestring.


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