Help! I’m a SAH…I Need to Get Away!

Written by Mary Lutz

Got babies, kids, teens, hubby, animals? Feeling overwhelmed by them ALL, or some, at times? I totally understand! I have been a SAHM, a WAHM, and a mom with a full time job outside of the home and a parttime corporate worker while starting up my own WAH business.

As a SAH, it can be difficult at times to find time for yourself, without kids crawling on you, hubby asking what time is dinner, or teens needing money for the movies! So, how DO you do this? How do you get away from it all?

Here are a couple of things you can do; they may not seem like much but they will help you find time for yourself!

First, make a plan. Schedule one day a week where you can just go out do something for yourself. It doesn’t have to cost anything, or it can if it fits in your budget. Either way, plan an hour or two each week to do something without the kids, hubby and animals. Some suggestions are:

  • Go shopping for a new top or pair of jeans
  • Go for a walk in the park
  • Go out to lunch with a friend
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Go to the movies with or without a friend

Another way to make time for yourself, without leaving the kids and hubby behind is to make some alone time IN the house. How do you do this? Sit down and make a plan with your hubby (if you aren’t married, hang on, I will give some suggestions for that too!). Plan certain times each week when he will take over watching the kids for an hour or two so you can take a hot bubble bath all alone with a good book maybe; put your jammies on and lock yourself in your room and take a nap or read that good book; invite your bff over for coffee and chit chat (the hubby may have to take the kids out to McDonald’s or the arcade for that one). But the point is, there are ways to make and find time for yourself in or out of the home.

If you’re not married, how do you make time alone without the kids? Swap babysitting time with your bff or the next door neighbor a couple of times a week. Call your mom-as a nana, I LOVE spending time alone with my grandsons! Ask a teen from your church who you trust to come and watch the kids for an hour. They would love to make a quick $5 for an hour of babysitting. If your kids are old enough, give them a craft they can work on alone for 1/2 hour to an hour and sit in a separate room alone with a good book or favorite movie.

The point is, MAKE some time alone! It’s important for your sanity and your kids will appreciate the time they have with you when you’re refreshed.


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