Help Your Teen Understand What You Do

Written by Mary Lutz

j0438411As work at home moms with teens, it can sometimes be hard for us to get our teens to understand what we do. They see us sitting on the couch typing away on our laptops but they have no clue what we’re doing. They think we’re playing games or simply surfing the ‘Net. While we may be taking a break and playing a game of solitaire or a word game on the ‘Net, when our family members see us on the computer all the time and have no clue what we do, they may come to resent us being a work at home mom, especially if it’s something new for you, as in my situation.

I have a 16 year old daughter and recently started working from home full time. I am on my laptop probabaly 12 hours a day and that is usually what my daughter sees me doing, but has no idea what it is that I do. She knows I write and we’ve told her that I make money doing it, but even still every once in a while she will make a comment like, “that’s all you ever do” or “you’re on your computer all the time”.

This morning, I got up quite a bit earlier than normal which opened the door of opportunity for my daughter to see me enter my daily schedule in my Outlook calendar. I enter all of the sites and blogs I write for in 1/2 hour time slots as that’s about how long it usually takes me to write a decent post. I also enter 1/2 hour for lunch break, an hour for shower time and then any appointments I have and so on. As she sat next to me entering all of this in my calendar, she was amazed. She was amazed at how many sites I write for and that I actually schedule time for a lunch break and a shower. I explained that it helps keep me on track and focused so that I can reach my daily blogging goals that I’ve set for myself. I also do some ghostwriting and when I have assignments I schedule those in as well, which helps me meet or beat deadlines for when those are due.

So, if you have teens or even pre-teens and seem a little disgruntled that you “are on the computer all the time”, show them your daily schedule or plan. Whenever an opportunity arises, show them your blog or website, or the article that you just published on someone else’s site. It will help them understand exactly what it is you do and you will probably inspire them to pursue their goals and dreams of owning their own business or being a work at home mom someday!


One Response to “Help Your Teen Understand What You Do”

  1. April says:
    February 4th, 2009 12:59 pm

    My kids have said the same thing. To them, being on the computer means MySpace, Facebook, chatting, etc. and they don’t understand why I’m always online.

    I finally showed them what I do. I showed them my site, I showed them the blogs I’ve designed, I showed them the articles I’ve written and told them how much I earn from these things.

    Then I went on to explain to them how this is relevant to them. All of that time Mom spends online turns into money that keeps a roof over their head and (more importantly…to them! LOL) pays the Internet, cable and cell phone bills.

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