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How to Get Ready for Company in 30 Minutes or Less

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I know it sounds crazy, but you can get ready for company in 30 minutes or less.  Any day of the week.  And I don’t mean by bagging up all the junk and stuffing it in closets and under the bed like we used to do in my family.  I mean company-ready every day.  What a mind-boggling idea for most of us.  What would that feel like?  Imagine that you could invite a spontaneous gathering of neighbors in for tea or welcome a co-worker who stops by to borrow your lap top or a friend who drops by with a vase of fresh-cut tulips

Can you get there overnight if you’re a big fat juicy packrat?  Of course not.  It will be a gradual, committed process, but I’ve done it and you can too.

Living a simple, uncluttered life requires consistent weeding out of excess. I’ve designed a Master Plan to help you make steady progress. If you’re serious about digging out from under the burden of excess, complexity, and chaos, now is the time. You can use this plan to reach your goal of being ready for company in 30 minutes or less any day of the week.

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