Ideas to Promote Your Direct Sales Beauty Business

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Sometimes it’s difficult to find sales promotion and marketing helps for specific direct sales businesses. Here are some ideas to help direct sales consultants whose business is selling beauty and skin care products.

• Invest in business cards that are die cut in the shape of a lipstick tube, eye make-up case or hairbrush.

• Spritz a bit of cologne on your business cards so they pick up the scent.

• Use your own skin care and make-up products, then when people comment on how wonderful your skin looks, you can tell them they could have the same results using your products.

• Print “You Are So Beautiful!” with a photo of some of your beauty products or your company logo on note card forms from the office supply store. Use them to thank your hostesses and new customers.

• Print “This Business Can Beautify Your Life!” with a photo of some of your beauty products or your company logo on note card forms. Send them to prospective team members with details on your business opportunity.

• Put a sample lipstick in a small zipper bag and staple it to a business card.

• Give your weekly ezine a title that relates to your business such as “Beauty Tips & Tidbits” or something similar rather than just using your company name. It reminds people of what you do every time a new issue arrives.

• Give skin care and beauty products as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and more to anyone and everyone you know. Try to choose products the recipient will enjoy, but let it be known that you love your products and assume everyone else does, too.

• Offer free makeovers to local customers. Have them invite their friends and make a “spa day” or do one-on-one beauty and skin care consultations.

• Host a monthly drawing for a free skin care product. Have people sign up on your website. Be sure to include a current catalog and business opportunity flyer when you send out the prize.

• Write articles about how to care for aging, dry, or oily skin, how to use eye make-up, the difference between skin care products, how to make money selling beauty products, how to make beauty products last longer, what to do with broken lipsticks, and more. Submit them to article directories and publish them on your blog and website.

• Offer to give free classes on beauty tips and skin care at local clubs, senior centers, libraries and churches. Provide plenty of catalogs and business opportunity flyers for participants.

• Donate discontinued skin care products and fragrances as prizes for drawings on other Websites or at local businesses. Include your company literature, of course.

• Offer a discount to area salons and hairstylists who would allow you to leave your brochures and catalogs in their shops.

• Take part in church bake sales and craft sales where you can rent an inexpensive booth and set up your product display. Hold a drawing for a free gift so you can collect names and addresses for your mailing list.

• Partner with other direct sales representatives in non-competing companies to market your products to each other’s customers. For instance, find a home decor consultant or candle sales representative and have her promote your beauty products to her mailing list while you promote her products to yours.

• Host an online candle party filled with beauty tips and tricks. Play games, chat, and have fun while selling products and booking other shows.

• Get a web decal or vinyl cling printed with your company name or logo, a lipstick graphic and your website address, and display it on the back of your car.

• Wear a pin-back button that says, “My business is Beautiful!” or “Free Makeover! Ask Me How!”

While there are many more ideas to promote your direct sales beauty business, these should help get you started thinking about creative ways to beautify the world around you.


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