Leaf Preschool Theme Crafts

Written by Nicole Dean

by Aunt B

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Kids Leaf Crafts

Fall Tree Craft

Items you will need:
Fall color Paints
White paper
Paint Brushes

What to do:

Paint your child’s arm and hand from the elbow to the fingers, brown. Place the print of the arm/hand on your white paper. Next take and use your fingers to dip into the other paints and make finger prints on the tree as leaves. You can also do this w/ using hands if your child has small hands.

Optional: If you have more then one child you can use the older child’s arm for the tree trunk and the younger child’s hands for the leaves. This makes a great picture.

Leaf People

Items you will need:
Construction paper

What to do:
Have the children glue a leaf on a piece of paper, and draw legs, arms, and a head to create a person.

Recommended Leaf Books to Read

Autumn Leaves

Author: Ken Robbins
Summary: This book is all about the colors of leaves.
Age Range: 3 to 6 years old

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf

Summary: Discover the life cycle of the maple tree by following its changes throughout the year through the eyes of a child. Brilliant bold illustrations will captive you.
Written by: Lois Ehlert

The Giving Tree
Summary A moving story about a boy’s relationship with a tree that gives everything it has to him as he grows from a child into an old man.
Written by: Shel Silverstein

Kidz Leaf Cooking

Leaf Piles


6 cups cornflakes
1 cup karo syrup
1 cup peanut butter.
You will also need some Wax paper to lay your leaf piles on.

In a microwave melt the karo and peanut butter together. Pour over the cornflakes and place them in piles on wax paper. Let them cool and dry.

Leaf Activity

Go on a nature walk. Take along a bag to place leaves in. Pick up leaves of all sizes, shapes and color. When you get home take a closer look at them. Write a down what you see or write a story about how the leaves fell to the ground.


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