Mother’s Day Preschool Theme Crafts

Written by Nicole Dean

by Aunt B

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Mother’s Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

Tea Light Holder

Small Baby Food Jar
Color Tissue Paper
Paint Brush
Tea Light Candle

Tear the tissue paper into small pieces and set aside. Water down the glue and paint onto the baby food jars. Apply of tissue paper onto the glue and then paint another coat of glue over the tissue paper. Make a few of these for Mom to have around.

‘My Mother Is’ Portrait

8×10 Piece of Paper
8×10 Picture Frame

Have your child answer the following questions…

How tall is Mom?
How old is Mom?
How much does Mom Weigh?
What color is Mom’s hair?
What color are Mom’s eyes?
What is Mom’s favorite color?
What is Mom’s favorite food?
What is Mom’s job?

Next have your child draw a picture of what they think their Mom looks like. All around the picture of Mom, the adult can write what the child wrote. Example My Mom is 10 feet tall. My Mom has green hair. Frame the drawing and answers for Mom.

Mother’s Day Banner

2 Sheets Same Color Construction Paper

Trace the child’s hand on one piece of construction paper and cut them out. The second piece of construction paper cut into half the long length of the paper. Tape the ends of the paper together. Using tape, tape on the hand print shapes at the end of each piece of paper. Using the marker write, “I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH!” on the strips in between the hands.

Hands Down the Best Gift Wrap

Butcher Paper
Paint Brush
Baby Wipes

Cut a large piece of Butcher Paper and lay it on the table. Next taking turns with the colors of paint, paint your child’s hands and have them make hand prints all over the paper. I use the baby wipes to help keep the mess down.

Use a marker and write I Love You in between the hand prints. If child is old enough to do this have them do the writing.

Best Mom Hands Down

T-shirt or Apron
Fabric Paint
Child’s Hands
Fabric Pen

Paint your child’s hands with the color of your choice and have your child place their handprint on the shirt or apron with the fingers pointing to the floor.
Under or above the handprints write “Best Mom Hands Down”

Bath Salts

Epson Salt
Food Coloring
Baby Food Jar or Small Container
Flavoring such as Peppermint, Vanilla or Strawberry

In a small bowl mix a small amount of Epson Salt, food coloring and your flavoring. Place the mixture into the baby food jar place a lid on it and you now have Bath Salts created just for Mom. Cut a small round piece of fabric that is a little bit larger then the lid. Glue the fabric to the top of the baby food jar and tie a ribbon around the jar. Remember to write the date on the bottom of the jar. Try to use with in one year of the date, to ensure the freshest bath salts.

Vase for Mom

Empty bottle or jar
Masking tape
Shoe Polish (brown or blue)
Cloth Rag (scrap t-shirt)
Smock for kids
Gloves for kids

Completely cover your clean glass bottle, with torn or cut pieces of masking tape.
Making sure that the pieces of tape overlap each other. With an old rag, rub the shoe polish into the tape, leave to dry. If you would like a glossy look a second rubbing is needed. If you are having younger children make this please be very careful, you might even do the shoe polish rub yourself.
Fill with flowers or a plant.

** Do not get shoe polish on the inside of the bottle or jar.**

Recommended Mother’s Day Book to Read

I Love You Stinky Face


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