Organizing your Garage can be a challenge

Written by Corrie Petersen

garage-organizationThe garage can be the messiest part of your home. The main reason for this is because it’s hardly ever seen by others. It can be overlooked because it’s not a place visited regularly. It can also be a catch all for anything you don’t have room for in your home.

This is not good because the purpose of a garage is to park your car. How nice would it be to have your car parked in the garage when it’s snowing outside? I’m sure you would really like that. Not only does it keep your car warmer, but it also saves you time because you won’t have to sweep off the snow and scrape the windows.

Here are some organization tips you can use to clean up your garage, so you will have room for the car.

•    Wall Shelves

Shelves are a great place to put cans of paint, spray paint, oil, antifreeze, and any other container like that. When you place them on shelves, you will be able to store items on the floor that can’t go on shelves. You will also have easy access to them when you need them. The downside to wall shelves would the space. They are usually 12-18 inches wide, so you may find things that won’t fit on those shelves.

•    Shelving units

These units are wonderful for storing larger items such as air cleaners, car parts, and boxes. There are several different types of shelving units you can purchase. You will be able to purchase these units at Home Depot or Sutherlands. You’ll find plastic, metal, or wood units to choose from. Before you make a purchase you’ll want to measure the area you have to you make sure you don’t buy one that is too big or too small. You will want to measure length, width, and height.

•    Hooks

Purchase hooks for bikes so they can hang in the air from your ceiling. You can also purchase hooks that go in the wall for rakes, shovels, leave blowers, and weed eaters. These make for perfect storage and they are off the ground and out of the way.

•    Larger Items

You might consider a small shed for items like the lawn mower, wheel barrow, lawn chairs, and other lawn furniture. These are usually bulky items that may not fit to well with the car.

•    Tires

During the off season, you may have tires that do not go on your vehicles. These can be difficult to store. One option is to take a piece of plywood and put it on the 2×4’s in your ceiling and place the tires on the plywood. You will want to make sure the plywood is strong enough to hold the tires. Don’t stack them on top of each other because that can add weight that the plywood may not be able to hold.

Cleaning your garage and organizing it so you will know where everything is and have easy access to it will make your life so much easier. Plus you will be able to park your car in there and save yourself time. An organized garage is a wonderful garage and place you won’t be embarrassed about.


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