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Obviously, the only way your direct sales business will grow is if you promote it. Without parties or presentations you won’t go anywhere in direct sales–or any other business. And of course, you started your business to earn a profit. To do so, start promoting it right off the bat.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you promote your direct sales business both online and offline. Even if you take orders through your website only, you still need to promote your business offline. Some people may not know you have a website unless you tell them.

• Offline Marketing

Promoting your business offline is not as difficult as you may think. You do need to be creative and take some time to make it work. But that’s not hard.

Make use of the best offline marketing tools you can find. Put them to work for you so you aren’t wasting your money being in business without earning a profit. Invest some time into your offline marketing strategies for your success.

Consider these tools to promote your business offline:

1. Business cards
2. Flyers
3. Postcards
4. Brochures
5. Pamphlets
6. Product samples
7. Catalogs
8. Magnets
9. Calendars
10. Notepads

There are several things you can do with these tools once you have them in hand. First, decide who your target market is and where they can be found.

For example, if your business focuses on moms and small children, then it would be a good idea to find ways to submit your marketing materials to them. If you focus on women in general, then you need to find them.

Once you figure this part out, you’re ready to start marketing. You can mail your marketing materials, hand them out, give them away, or include them in packs to be given out. Whatever you do, make sure you do it in a way that is not pushy or inconsiderate, of course

• Online Marketing

Online marketing is done on the Internet. There are so many different ways and places you can market your direct sales business online. Again, you need to decide where your target market spends time online and visit those places to market to them.

Here are some techniques you can use when to market online.

1. Graphic buttons
2. Banners
3. Text ads
4. Social media
5. Blog posts
6. Article marketing
7. Teleseminars
8. Webinars
9. Chats
10. Conferences

Realize that some of the techniques listed above cost money, but others are free. In addition, the amount of money you pay to advertise on one site may be more on another site. Often the amount charged is based on the traffic and the content available on that site.

Social media is something that a lot of people use, and it’s a great tool if used properly. Just be careful when you use sites like Twitter and Facebook. You can lose followers and friends fast if all you post are ads for your business. Instead, post tips, tricks, and good information along with subtle ads for the best results.

With blog posts, and article marketing you’re building trust with your readers so you want to make sure that what you talk about and what you post will help them and be useful to them. For the best results, write things that will help your target market with problems they face or that will prevent the problems from happening in the first place.

With teleseminars, webinars, chats, and conferences you’re teaching things to your listeners, so you want to provide them with detailed, useful and easy to understand information that they want.

Direct sales businesses are fun to work, especially if you choose a company whose products you absolutely love and that you want everyone you know to enjoy. When you use both online and offline marketing to grow your business, you will reach levels you never thought possible in your business, so get started right away!


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