Selling More Products with Gift Baskets

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You know that thrill you get when someone places a nice size order with your direct sales business? Think of that multiplied several times over… with just one customer! That’s how you’ll feel when you begin creating and selling gift baskets, bags and boxes you’ve put together yourself from your company’s products.

The thought of creating gift baskets doesn’t have to be intimidating. It’s really an easy process and you can make your gifts as simple or as complex as you choose. Start with the easy gifts then, as you feel more confident and your abilities increase, create more complex arrangements.

Whatever you do, though, do it now! You’ll be wonderfully surprised at how much profit you can make by offering complete gift packages to your customers. And they’ll think you’re wonderful because of the added service they’ll receive.

So how do you put together a basket? It’s really not hard.

You’ll need a container to hold your gifts. Choose a basket, gift bag, decorative box, tin, plastic container, paint can, lunch box or anything else you can think of that will hold your items.

Place a little color coordinating shred in the bottom of the container to form a cushion that will protect your items as well as adding interest.

Select the gifts you’ll use in your package. Choose items that complement each other, of varying sizes. Keep in mind the amount of container space you have to fill.

Arrange your items in the container with the largest items in back, getting smaller as you come forward. Save the smallest items to use as fillers. Create a nice arrangement. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just pleasing to the eye.

If appropriate, cover the entire gift with cellophane. This isn’t necessary for gift bags or certain other containers. If you do cover the gift, you can use a cello bag or shrink wrap.

The dollar store always has nice large “basket bag” kits that come with a twist-tie and bow or ribbon. If using one of those, you place your basket inside, twist-tie to close, then use your blow dryer to shrink the cellophane for a nice tight wrap.

Then just add a bow with curling ribbons and a gift card with your company name and contact information.

You’re good to go with a delightful, creative gift that’s customized to your customer’s needs.

Make a variety of gift baskets using your company’s products to have on hand for upcoming occasions and let everyone know you offer them.

You might even want to send out a postcard mailer or email to your customer list to announce this new service. Your sales will increase dramatically!


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