Winter Preschool Theme Crafts

Written by Nicole Dean

by Aunt B

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Winter Crafts for Kids

Frosty Extra

Recycled Greeting Cards
Epson Salt
Paint Brush

Turn recycled greeting cards into a frosty picture. Tear off the front of the greeting card so that the signature side is not longer attached. Mix up a solution of half Epson salt and half water. Have your child paint the card with this mixture, as it dries the mixture will leave sparkling crystals on the card.

You can send these pictures as post cards to your family and friends to thank them for Christmas gifts.

Snow Globes

Jam Jars (or baby food jars)
Figure from craft store (army man or Polly Pockets work)
Waterproof Adhesive
White or Silver Glitter
Hot Glue

Choose what item you want to place into your jar. Parents apply the waterproof adhesive to the figure and glue it to the lid of your jar. Let this dry. Once dry fill your jar about ¾ full of water, sprinkle in desired amount of glitter. Parents using hot glue on outside of dry jar lip. Place lid on jar and let dry. Once dry turn upside down glue small ribbon around the outer edge of jar lid and your child now has a personalized snow globe.

Q-Tip Snow Flake

3 Q-tips
Wax paper

Take a small square of wax paper and squeeze a small amount of glue in the center. Cut the three Q-tips into half and have your child place the cut ends into the glue touching to make a star shape. When the glue is dried peel off the wax paper, tie a string around one of the Q-tip ends and hang your snowflake.

Non Melting Snow Fun

Marshmallows Large and Small

Spend your time connecting marshmallow snow together with toothpicks. Your child can make all kinds of fun creations. Easy to do by sticking one end of a toothpick into a marshmallow and the other end of the toothpick into another marshmallow until you have the design you want. Try making snowflakes and snow forts out of them.

Recommended Winter Books to read

Katy and the Big Snow
Written by: Burton, Virgina Lee
A triumphant story about a little but determined snowplow named Katy who saved the day when the town of Geoppolis is struck with a fierce blizzard. A modern day classic!

The Big Snow
Written by: Hader, Berta and Elmer
Get ready for the winter and a large snowfall with a bunch of woodland animals in this award-winning picture book.

Is That You, Winter?
Written by: Gammell, Stephen
A grumpy and hard-working Old Man Winter is ushering in a snowy winter as this story unfolds with its wildly expressive and dramatic illustrations by Stephen Gammell. The story however takes a surprisingly touching and tender turn as the true nature of Old Man Winter is revealed to the reader and listener alike.

Cooking with Kids

Flour Tortillas
Powder Sugar
Take flour tortillas and using the same technique as cutting out “paper” snowflakes, make snowflakes. Put a touch of oil in a pan and fry tortilla until it is crisp. Sprinkle it with powdered sugar.
Make tortilla snowflakes as above. Spread butter on one side of the tortilla and sprinkle lightly with cinnamon and sugar.


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