10 Days To Christmas: House Cleaning Schedule

Written by Mary Lutz

54 - Spring Cleaning photo credit: eyeliam

Trying to figure out you’re going to get everything done before Christmas, and your house is a mess too? Here’s a schedule that may help you out, starting today! Do one of these each day until Christmas. You’ll feel less stressed and your house will be ready for Holiday Entertaining.

1. Pick up all the clutter! Throw away unnecessary papers, mail, etc. Put everything in its proper place.

2. Dust everything, including cobwebs in the corners!

3. Get out your Christmas dishes and wash them all.

4. Wash your windows, mirrors and glass doors.

5. Clean your oven, stove and microwave

6. Clean all of the bathrooms, including the floors

7. Vacuum, sweep or mop all flooring

8. Clean kitchen countertops

9. Set up extra table and chairs for guests

10. Do a once over throughout the house. This should be a breeze if you followed the schedule above.

Don’t let a messy house stress you out during the Holidays. By following this simple step by step plan, your house can be clean and guest-ready for Christmas! You can also follow this plan for any other entertaining you might do throughout the year. So bookmark this page for future reference!

Merry Stress Free Christmas!


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