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Nicole Dean is known as the “work at home mom’s coach.”  Since 2004, Nicole has worked successfully at steering women away from Internet scams and time wasters and towards real opportunities.  She’s serious about helping women in meaningful ways to access businesses opportunities that can generate the kind of income families need to support household budgets or to replace lost incomes due to a tough economy.

That experience and perspective was the inspiration behind Nicole’s decision to create ShowMomTheMoney.com.  Each year this website attracts over half a million visitors seeking answers and support on everything from starting a business to frugal living.

Nicole’s popularity is rooted in the fact that so many can women relate to her journey and her practical, razor sharp knowledge about what it takes to build a real, sustainable business from home.

“When I started working at home several years ago I was pleased that I could pay things like the cable bill. Eventually I was able to pay the mortgage. When recent economic changes hit our household I was pleased that the income from my home business had grown so significantly that I could cover all the bills myself,” explains Nicole.

That’s the kind of “real life experience” and honesty that clients and subscribers to ShowMomTheMoney.com appreciate.

Since in most cases WAHM’s divide their time between their businesses and their children (likely the reason they chose to work at home in the first place), Nicole created a website to help with parenting needs called ShowKidsTheFun.com.  This is a light-hearted website designed to inspire and encourage parents to keep the lines of communication open with their children.

Nicole lives in Florida with her much adored husband and two children who keep her laughing.  When she’s not working or dodging hurricanes, she enjoys reading, gardening, belly dancing, laughing often and experiencing the joys of life.



Nicole’s zeal for the work at home community hasn’t gone unnoticed.  She has received many awards from some of the established and respected work at home mom organizations.

The leading podcast for the “work at home mom” (WAHM) community awarded her the WAHM Community MVP in 2005 and then again in 2007.
In 2008, Nicole’s blog www.NicoleOnTheNet.com was named one of the top 10 “Work at Home Mom Blogs” for 2008 by the popular entrepreneurial super-site – Sparkplugging.com.The leading podcast for the “work at home mom” (WAHM) community awarded Nicole the WAHM MVP for 2007 (3/2007)

Nominated WAHM MVP for 2006 (3/2006)

Awarded The President’s Volunteer Service Award 2004 – USA Freedom Corps – Silver Level  (2/2005)

Awarded WAHM MVP for 2005 (2/2005)

Nominated WAHM MVP for 2004 at WAHMTalkRadio (12/2004)

HomeJobsForMoms.biz – Featured Weekly Work at Home Mom Success Story (1/2005)

MommyCommunity.com – Mom of the Moment (12/2004)

MagicMoms.com – Mom of the Month 6/2004


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