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The recession and resulting job layoffs are causing a flood of people onto the Internet. Many are searching for credible, ethical information about starting and running a successful online business. That search is increasingly hampered by the high degree of online hype and scams. To help remedy this situation, small business advocate Nicole Dean launched a new podcast specifically aimed at providing reliable tips and advice from successful small business owners who operate online.

Pensacola, FL (PRWEB) April 22, 2009 — Misleading representations and unrelenting hype on the Internet are a source of frustration for new and seasoned entrepreneurs who make a living online. That’s why small business advocate, Nicole Dean decided to raise the volume on her work profiling credible and trusted online resources with the launch of her new podcast Success Cast. This regular podcast is part of Nicole’s resource website. Each show zeroes in on the success traits and tips of women entrepreneurs populating the online marketplace today.

According to e-marketer there are more than 32 million women online every day who are mothers that are networking, researching, blogging and in many cases doing business online. MSNBC reports that since 2007 more than 800,000 women have lost their jobs and many of those women are reinventing themselves as small business owners. The Women’s Financial Network reports that women are starting businesses at more than 2 times the rate of men.

As a business coach and marketing manager, Nicole Dean has a unique vantage point on this trend. She sees and hears first hand about the aspirations and goals of so many women seeking a way to eliminate debt and earn a full time living online.

“As an online marketer who has been in this field for almost a decade I’ve got my hand on the pulse of the motivations and strengths of women entering the online marketplace today. Achieving success as an internet based business owner is far less complicated than many believe. There are really just a few key tools and strategies that have helped me to generate a successful full-time income and that’s true for many of my peers. There is no need for this to be a secret,” explains Dean.

“This recession has contributed to a huge increase in the number of people who want or need to create their own sources of income as entrepreneurs. Success Cast is helping to flatten the learning curve by sharing what has worked for so many people managing profitable online businesses today,” adds Dean.

Nicole Dean’s main businesses include resource sites for credible and ethical home business ideas at and Nicole is also the co-owner of websites geared to educating and connecting employers and freelancers in today’s changing and flexible marketplace. Those websites are: and

Known as the “work at home mom’s coach,” Nicole Dean has been an online entrepreneur since 2001. To discuss a media story about Nicole Dean, please contact Sharon McMillan, Media Relations at (216) 342-1502.


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