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Pensacola, FL (PRWEB) May 25, 2009—The Wall Street Journal recently reported that over 110,000 jobs were posted to a few of the largest freelancing job sites during the first three months of 2009.  That activity represents an increase of about 100% over 2008 figures. The current outsourcing boom is hardly a surprise to the hundreds of thousands of individuals laid off from jobs and now freelancing in today’s restrained economy. The surge of new freelancers to the marketplace and the decrease in permanent and temporary employment has made the bidding environment for contract work more competitive than ever. Helping freelancers to get an edge in this new world is a unique organization called Shelancers.

Shelancers ( is the international association for professional female freelancers. Graphic designers, accountants, marketing consultants, writers, personal development coaches and virtual assistants are just some of the professionals that have joined this Association.  While Shelancers offers a job board for full-members, the other key benefits offered to freelancers is education and networking – two factors that can make the difference between a freelancer that earns an income and one that doesn’t.

“More contract postings are great for our industry but there’s still the issue of competition.  You’ve got to be competent in marketing your skills when it’s a buyers’ market.  Without a competitive edge it will take longer and be more difficult to secure a full-time or part-time living as a freelancer,” explains Shelancer co-founder, Nicole Dean.

“What makes Shelancers such a benefit for new and experienced freelancers is that this is a membership organization offering a library of printed and audio-visual resources, regular online seminars and a 24-hour discussion board. Our resources help to cut the marketing learning curve in half for budding freelancers.  There’s no fluff, just professional mentorship and practical, leading edge answers to the kinds of questions freelancers have today,” adds Dean.

One of the tips shared in the Shelancer library is the importance of understanding a particular market segment and serving it well (niche marketing).  That thinking is the reason behind the creation of Shelancers.  Many women professionals or business owners choose to network in women’s business groups in addition to other groups.  Shelancers offers that choice to the freelancing segment of the marketplace. Membership in the Shelancer organization is open to any female freelancer.

“In Tim Ferris’ bestselling book The 4-hour Workweek he explains that business owners can get a 100% return on their investment by delegating a task for 50% of their hourly rate. At Shelancers we’re preparing our members to be ready to take advantage of what I expect to be a continually rising increase in outsourcing,” explains Dean.

Shelancers is co-owned by Nicole Dean and Darina Loakman.  Nicole is a well known affiliate manager and consultant who has been helping women to work from home since 2004 and Darina was named by the Examiner Newspaper as one of the 50 most influential women in Ireland (2006). To arrange an interview with Nicole or Darina please contact Sharon McMillan, Media Relations, 216-342-1502 / nicoledean [at]


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