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Pensacola, FL–January 2, 2009–Even though retailers are reporting the worst sales for the holiday shopping season in 30 years, many consumers still will have spent more than they should have during these tough economic times. This “recipe for stress” is one of the reasons women’s small business coach and advocate, Nicole Dean created the resource almost five years ago.  Over half a million visitors come to this site each year to find answers and support on everything from starting a business to frugal living.

“The Internet is sometimes too big a place when you’re in need of timely answers and that’s the case with many people looking for ways to increase their family income at this critical time. is designed to intuitively guide visitors towards ideas, services and tools they need based on their particular interests and preferences. Within minutes of visiting the site you can have before you the detailed steps or resources needed to start a business, enhance a current one or change your spending habits,” explains Nicole Dean.

The strain on the economy has not only caused more people to search out self-employment but is also causing consumers to change the way they spend their money and manage their households. offers various resources and strategies to help families live a more frugal lifestyle. From free tips like how to save $50 per month to frugal meal ideas for busy families-this popular website has a laser sharp focus on increasing family incomes.

“I created this website to help individuals and families get control over their finances and income potential through access to the most credible and proven business and lifestyle resources. is becoming a vitally important service for many people during this period of employment and economic uncertainty,” adds Dean.

Known as the “work at home mom’s coach,” Nicole Dean has been helping women and especially moms to achieve business success online since 2004. To discuss a media story about please contact Sharon McMillan, Media Relations at (905) 472-5384 or


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