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Are you ready to be a Work at Home Mom, and want to create an online business for yourself, but are afraid of all of the hype and scams?

We’ve got you covered with our Start a Blog series, our Transcription business Guide, and others that are just getting prettied up before we can add them here.

Are you Crafty Cathy?

Who is this for?

Moms of Toddlers and Preschoolers
Former Daycare workers
Scout Leaders
and more!

Whether your love of crafts consists of preschool fingerpainting or elegant jewelry-making, or even scrapbooking your baby’s first yet – you can create a Craft blog for fun and profit. Support your crafting habit by taking pictures of your finished products and sharing with the world.

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Do you love the kitchen, even if it doesn’t love you back?

If so, start a recipe blog and document your massive successes and colossal failures as a cook.

Who is this for?

Working Moms
Stay at Home Moms
Frugal Moms
Single Moms
Moms of Multiples

If you’re spending time in the kitchen and enjoy it. You could be blogging for profit.

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Earn money while getting fit? Is it really possible?

Yes, it is possible, and you don’t have to be Jillian Michaels to start one!

Who is this for?

You, if you want to get into shape but need major accountability.
Jogging addicts
“Former” fit ladies who want their pre-baby body back.
Moms so busy chasing toddlers that they take no time for themselves.
Couch potatoes who just hate to sweat, but know they need to.

A fitness blog can help you to inspire others while inspiring yourself.

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Get Paid to Type? You Betcha.

One of the hottest industries online is Transcription. And, not this has nothing to do with Medical Billing.

Business owners are recording podcasts, teleseminars, and webinars at lightning speed.  They need YOU to turn those spoken words into readable text.

Who is this for?

You if you are a speedy typist.
You if you enjoy listening to podcats and other learning materials.
You if you are accurate and detail oriented.

Now this is a business, not a job. So you will also learn how and were to find clients for your business.

Is this the business for you?

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Get Paid to Write?

Yes, many online business owners need content – and lots of it. They hire ghostwriters to write blog posts for them, articles and even ebooks.

Who is this for?

You, if you love to write and enjoy learning new things.

If you’re already blogging, adding a ghostwriting service to your business can help you to make ends meet until you make it big with your blog.

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