PR: Economic Crisis Turning More Moms Into Entrepreneurs

Written by Nicole Dean


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Economic Crisis Turning More Moms Into Entrepreneurs

Pensacola, FL—November 2, 2008—Downward trends in the stock market, housing foreclosures and massive job layoffs are creating a tight squeeze on family budgets across the country and the globe. But while budgets have been reduced the entrepreneurial spirit hasn’t—especially in the growing “mom owned business” sector. As much as one-third of moms recently surveyed (Allen & Gerritsen, 2008) say they have had to find new sources of income to deal with the impact of the current economy. Women’s small business consultant and mentor, Nicole Dean, understands this kind of pressure all too well and decided to do something about it.

“When I started working at home several years ago I was pleased that I could pay things like the car note. Eventually I was able to pay the mortgage. When recent economic changes hit our household I was pleased that the income from my home business had grown so significantly that I could cover all the bills myself. Women thinking outside the box and choosing to become entrepreneurs to save “the family farm” isn’t a new phenomenon but it is a trend being fueled by the Internet and the marketplace access it offers to new business owners. That’s why I created the service,” explains Dean.

Dean created to help women sift through the borage of make-money-at home-offers that have proliferated throughout the Internet and that often target vulnerable audiences like cash strapped women who are at home caring for children. Dean’s site offers a wide range of resources, guides and information many moms have turned to recently not just because of the resources offered, but because of Dean’s respected profile in the work at home mom community.

As an experienced Virtual Assistant managing a business at home with 3 kids, I value practical advice for my business that’s easy to understand and implement and that is exactly what I found when I purchased the guide How to Become a VA from I now recommend to other moms who contact me asking for help in getting their virtual assistance business off the ground. There are few resources out there so geared to the learning preferences and time restraints of busy work at home moms,” explains Arika Lewis owner of the Virtual Assistance company

Providing numerous business ideas and resources for entrepreneurial moms has made a popular site for moms, but as a bonus the site also contains timely articles and references for families today, including: tips for staying sane during stressful times; crafts for the kids; business ideas for teens and; frugal living ideas for moms.

In addition to managing the site, Nicole Dean is also co-owner of and the freelancers’ membership site, Known as the “Affiliate Marketer’s Coach,” Nicole has been helping small business owners to achieve success online since 2004. To discuss a media story about please contact Sharon McMillan, Media Relations at (905) 472-5384 or


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